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mamma mia… oh my!

i was a little late getting on the Mamma Mia train, but i finally saw it last night and all i can say, is that, if i had the money, i’d be on the first flight to greece! UNBELIEVABLE scenery… but, my favorite part, of course, was the set design. 

the textiles, paint colors, antiques left me drooling for more…
Josef Frank textiles (remember this anthropologie chair!?) hanging on the clotheslines….

find his textiles, shown below at Svenskt Tenn 
hand embroidered bed linens
(as seen in the movie still at the top of this post)
much like this
love the layers, piles, prints of mix-matched quilts 
(not to mention the aegean blue walls!)

how amazing would it be to have a relaxed, inviting, chic guestroom done in this style…
a playroom? 
mamma mia film stills from

welcome little one

this is just such a great idea for a baby shower (IF you have crafty friends!)…

all of the guests were sent plain, white onesies with their invitations, asking the guests to please personalize it anyway they choose for the mother-to-be. 
i  took on the project for a friend, so never got to see the final results, but i can only imagine how adorable and personal all were.

the super-cute invite and the included onesie, awaiting it’s personal touch..
we chose an elephant (for good luck!) and a pretty floral

finished off with a pink zig-zag stitch…perfectly sweet.

look how they shine for you…

yellow is one of my all-time favorite colors.
i can’t help but feel happy with yellow…ummmmm, sun.
these bursts are cheering me up through these days of rain and grey…

Parisian-chic as seen on the sartorialist

yum. a george sherlock couch is forever on my total dream list.

summer ’08…those were the days.

osborne + little wallpaper turns the smallest space oh-so-chic

fantastic styling from j.crew for fall ’08

love the blue too…
tom stringer design partners

yes, please!

why i hate fashion…

checking in on my google reader this morning, exploring new blogs and i come across
camp comforts– a fantastic little fashion news and inspiration site, when i see this:

i literally almost pee myself with excitement, thinking that some stylist has seen outside of the box and used my cape in a shoot for women!
but, NO!
the cape (and full ensemble) is credited to APC. lovely.
ok, maybe i am nutso, but all I can say is it looks awfully similar to this (by me):

now, not to get confused with my last post… i am all for cheering on the little guy, the stay-at-home mom, the crafter, who is inspired by a piece of (high) fashion and wants to set out on their own, on their little SINGER with pin-pricked fingers and attempt to re-create.
go for it.
i wish i had the time.
but, when a huge fashion company takes more than inspiration (we are talking down to the buttons here, kids) from the little guy, i get pissed.