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wash up

the downstairs bath is a little nook between the kitchen and the dining room.

tucked away, with one little window,  it needs to be bright and welcoming…
downstairs bath
clockwise from top left:
*cute, cheery prints from creative thursday
*every layer of this frilly, but not-too-girly shower curtain is finished with a different color pearl stitch… a subtle, but fun way to tie it in with all the color!
*fabric, from our most recent Purl trip will be perfect for a valence
*paint possibilities
*a place to drop your rings and things
*can’t go wrong with dash + albert
*citrus-y soaps are perfectly fresh, no matter the season!
*punchy wicker waste basket
*beautiful whitewashed mirror ties it all together


the living room in her new house is filled with gorgeous sunlight. 
i tried to bring in bits of her signature colors (lime green and coral pink) while keeping it sophisticated and warm. 
flea market finds are mixed with handcrafted goodies…
the living room will be tv-free…wooohooooo… as a girl who grew up without one, i love LOVE this. i don’t believe that a tv should be your major source of entertainment, where/when you entertain! 


clockwise from top left:
gorgeous vintage sconces for either side of your 
handmade color wheel quilt that will hang above 
a comfy-cozy couch in oat linen… perhaps draped with a sari
flocked with napkins-turned throw pillows.
in front of your windows… light for the evening
a vintage trunk makes for a perfect coffee table… and storage for blankets and board games!
fresh flowers in vintage tea tins seems very “you”
a set of flea-market chairs, reupholstered in something fun and unexpected in front of the windows
with your parent’s mid-century tea-cart between them… perfect for coffee table books underneath and coasters on top!
easy sisal rug with a fun cotton binding
amazing moroccan poufs add cheer and some extra perching places
a pair of tall bookcases in the left had corner will add interest and a place for your library.

come on in

the second room in her new home.
the main entry room, with stair case to the upstairs and open to living area…


clockwise from top left:
dash + albert stone soup runner for stairs
collection of vintage mirrors hanging to hang above your existing bench 
cozy throw  for the bench
family picture gallery on the right corner of the room
fabulous rug to warm it up and tie it together
plants, plants, plants (your mother-in-law’s tongue can go in the left corner)
sheesha pillow for the bench as a nod to india
not pictured: existing console for left hand wall…

welcome home

this will be the first in a series of inspiration board posts for a dear friend and fellow blogger who’s recent personal tragedy has left her overwhelmed and under-excited for her new home-to-be.

hopefully, these will get her decorating juices flowing!
the entryway


clockwise from top left:
boston ferns, hable construction beads in sweet pea and sky, ikea idyll pot, 
chiasso doormat, jade tree, vintage ceramic owl umbrella stand, bench image: hable construction