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saying goodbye

this has been a bad week for keeping up with my resolution to blog more.
we’ve been under construction over here.
i’m headed over to our apartment for a last go-over… spackling nail holes, paint touch ups and a final goodbye.
i cannot believe we spent over 4 years in that great little place; getting engaged in our kitchen, house-breaking a puppy 3 floors up…
i snapped a few pictures of my favorite spots before we started packing up.
my favorite, was my heart rock collection on our bathroom windowsill.

back later today with more of the goings on…

busy, busy!

for a gray, mid-january in new england, it has certainly NOT been hoo-hum around here!
last friday morning, i received a very early (1:30am) phone call from my dear friend, deb, who was in labor… i was on-call to watch her daughter beatrice when the time came.
max charles was born at 7am!

photo by amanda… blanket by rikshaw!

friday night i headed downtown to craftland for a screening of handmade nation.

i had goosebumps 15 seconds into the introductory credits. i am so inspired by the craft-revolution of our generation… i’ve been filling pages in my moleskin ever since!
later that night, our landlords threw us a lovely little potluck “going away” party. i can’t believe we’ve been in this quaint little apartment for over FOUR years! wow.
saturday was our re-inspection- SO good to get one last look at our soon-to-be home!
then, a quick trip to the farmer’s market with a girlfriend to dish on prospective dates from the night before. the rest of the day was spent with my new best friends: packing tape + corrugated cardboard. at least we’re seeing progress!
sunday i spent the morning with bea, who anxiously waited for dad to bring mom and brother max home!
then, i got busy making good on my new year’s resolutions… cooking up a storm! on this week’s menu:
* coq au vin (for the new parents, not for us!)
* yummy vegetarian chili with local, seasonal veggies
* 2 meatloaves- one for the week and one to freeze for some hungry uncles who are coming in to town to help with home improvements
* chicken chilaquiles
since then, this week has been full of lovely little surprises and get-togethers… a quick visit and lunch with amanda, who came into town to photograph max, impromptu dinner party with girlfriends and the hubbies, studio time…
tomorrow is our closing! i SERIOUSLY can’t believe the day is almost here and that it seems as though it will be drama-free. wooo hooo!! i’ll post pics ASAP and the before and afters will begin!


“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


sorry for the light posting lately, but it’s for good reason…

after years of looking, months of negotiations and mortgage drama, my husband and i are finally going to be home-owners!
we are thrilled (and slightly exhausted)… but if all goes well, we will be moving in at the end of the month.
i am so excited for all of the potential these four little walls hold; so stay tuned over the coming months (and years!) for plenty of room make-overs, DIY construction projects and renovations.

puppies and progress

ahhhh… and, i’m back.
probably the LAST time i will be able to HOLD her for a photo!

my weekend in the snowy woods was heavenly.
even though we were set up like a little sewing sweatshop (saturday we sat at our machines from 7:30am nearly straight through until 8pm, and went back to it after dinner…) we all loved every minute of it.
of course, the crafting was broken up with insane amounts of carbs to keep us going (fresh baked cinnamon bread, scones, baquette with brie, fresh pappardelle)… didn’t i say heaven?
and the amount of work we all completed was truly amazing. i managed to pump out an entire quilt top (using my fat quarter set from heather ross‘ far far away collection) and a baby-to-be gift.
the crafting crew… with our completed projects
i brought nellie along to play with amanda’s two labbies- wise strider and the new little bimbo, sage. the dogs were beyond adorable together and the little girls gave strider some much needed time off from puppy play!
penelope and sage… all tuckered out

we loved it when they all zonked out together… small, medium and large all snuggled by the wood stove.
too. sweet.
sage, penelope + strider

thank you ladies for a wonderful weekend… hopefully we can put one of these together once a season!

a parting shot of my sister and me (and nellie!)

weekend in the woods

i’m taking off…

after months of trying to get our schedules to all jive together and with a very last minute change of plans, the winter girl’s sewing weekend is finally here.
we are headed to a cabin in the woods.
with a wood stove, a slow-cooker, a long table lined with sewing machines, freshly fallen snow, my sister, great girlfriends and time.
uninterrupted time, away from children and husbands and cell phones… to sew.
i could not be more thrilled.
the past few weeks have sucked me dry.
i’ve never felt so at the end of my rope and i am in desperate need of a recharge.
i cannot wait to get my creative juices flowing, to eat yummy comfort food, have good girl talk, take long walks with the dogs, drink yummy wine, and just maybe, end the night with a showing of the sex and the city movie.
sounds heavenly, no?
images via here and here

out of service.

i’ve got another cold.
i’m neti-ing like crazy and nothing is helping.
i think i need…
the sun
warm water
a massage
clean sheets and a huge billowy pouf
but… i am feeling good about the fact that i finally finished a HUGE interior design proposal that i’ve been working on for a few months. woo-hoo!
that deserves… tulips and a tub?