Monthly Archives: March 2010

adventures in homeownership

over the past few days our little state has literally been flooded with rain.
i thought it was so fun that my husband had yesterday off due to flooding…
until i went down in my basement.
so, three home depots later, lines out the door and people fighting over pumps
i am home with my very own wet-vac.
came up from the basement for a quick break
and this very springy
corner of my desk
made me smile.

please excuse my absence…

last week in providence was just gorgeous.
sunny and unseasonably warm.

i threw the windows open and propped the doors.
penelope and i spent our days doing yard work, painting and refinishing yard-sale finds.
it was glorious.
and oh-so productive.
as a little treat
i hopped on the ferry
and spent friday on martha’s vinyard with my parents.
i scouted for the job i’m doing on the cape
and we enjoyed the very uncrowded streets.
…and it was all followed by a just-as-perfect and productive weekend
Happy Monday!

classics redefined: l.l.bean

new england roots run deep.
l.l.bean goods are most likely part of our DNA.
i honestly don’t think i know a baby born without a monogrammed boat + tote.
but as good (oh, and they are good) as the “l.l.bean boots” are,
the woman’s jeans,
are that sad.
the clothing fashion… lacking.
until now.
introducing: l.l.bean signature.
(can you hear the angels singing?!?)
the classics. re-worked. new styling. new fit.

and, you?
of COURSE i will come on your boat.

but it is because i love your sweater.

and, as any cape codder knows,
l.l.bean is always better misted in a sea-salt spray.

i’m a “plucky pioneer!”

the neo-traditionalist’s lovely and adorable katie has a great series going with interviews and favorites from women entrepreneurs… it has been wonderfully inspiring and fun to get the back-story behind some of my favorite women in business like catherine from rikshaw design, anna bond from rifle paper co. and bella foster.
i was completely honored to be asked to take part and be this week’s plucky pioneer!
check out my interview and “cheat sheet” (which should be up later today) over on katie’s blog.
thank you, thank you katie! i had so much fun!
and a warm welcome to all the neo- readers… i have been so excited to begin reading your blogs!

little designers

the girls in my sewing class have finished another project…

the project was quick, pretty easy, and super fun
(though i never thought i’d see so much POLYESTER in my studio! ha!)
their choices in fabrics perfectly matched their personalities and all they talked about the whole time was where they were going to put them/ what they would use them for in their bedrooms.
one girl is even getting her own room for the first time and was thrilled to have her first addition.
not only are they learning to sew, but developing their own little interior design perspectives.
i love it!

girl time

my sister is coming into town for a visit (with my niece!), so i’m cleaning like mad… trying to get this place somewhat childproof.
i’m praying for sun
planning on plenty of wining and dining
good girly chats
and maybe even a little creating.

dream (doll) house

while i love the ultra-modern aesthetic, i can’t say i’d want to live in a glass house…
but i could certainly play in one!

the “listing” reads:
Newly listed, the Emerson House is the perfect home for the modern family. The home has six rooms including a living room, kitchen, library/office, master bedroom, bathroom and child’s bedroom. With its large, open floor plan and floor-to-ceiling windows, the Emerson House enjoys year-round sunlight. The modern house features many extras including mitered-glass corners, two fireplaces, sliding glass doors, solar panels, and recessed LED lights. Finally, the house is easy on the environment with only non-toxic and lead-free wood stains and paints.

so cool, i’m sure the jolie-pitts already have one.