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bad, bad blogger

it’s been too long.
i’ve been going like crazy- pvd-cape cod- nycpvd-ct-pvdny-cc…. and so it goes…
this past week i was in new york city and back at parsons
this is the 4th year i’ve been invited back to be a juror on the senior class’ thesis panel for children’s wear.
totally inspiring and such a honor.
this year i was BLOWN away by the boy’s wear.
seriously… killer stuff for little dudes.
of course, i HAD to get downtown to the new purl!
i have to admit, i had mixed feelings about the idea of this supervised shop- i remember the days before purl patchwork even existed, and i have always loved the tucked-away location and turquoise door frames on sullivan street…
but, i have to be honest, the new shop, is, gorgeous.

amazingly edited, with plenty of new finds
(though, i miss the days when i could have been the only customer piling up bolts-to-be-cut…)
of course, i left with a few-too-many new cuts to add to my project queue-
(more to come on this, SOON, i promise!)
the best part of my trip to the big city!?!?!?
coming home to this:
MY trees!
we saw, and bid, and bought our home in the dead of winter, so I NEVER could have imagined the beauty spring had in store for us….
cherry blossoms.
i. die.

opinions, please!


after buying a few kona solids to make a quilt back for my latest project
i came to the realization that i wanted something a little more girly.
and i knew anna maria horner’s dobby dot would be a perfect fit.
while the oranges and green in the line match the colors in these far far away fabrics perfectly,
they just aren’t the look i’m going for.
the blue and/or magenta shown here aren’t a perfect match, but i can happily live with either.
just not sure which to choose!
will you help me decide?
this quilt, which makes me think of rainbow sherbet will be living on a twin spool bed in a little pink room on the 3rd floor of our house.
it is girly and sunny.
i have a little home sewing studio set up in here.
this is also “tay’s room.”
so… magenta or blue?!

spring snapshots

i adore decorating for holidays.
especially easter– budding branches, baby bunnies, the promise that it really is spring.
and having my very own mantle to decorate make this holiday even more exciting!

on vacations i’ve been collecting sand from the beaches we have surfed together…
displayed in vintage glass spice jars labeled with the beach name, place and date.
cape cod drift wood and a sweet little nest.

i couldn’t resist these adorable felted bunnies handmade on martha’s vinyard from local wool

reid’s easter basket this year was filled with necessities made cute-
a new electric drill fashioned to be a bunny!

products of friday’s cookie + egg decorating get together with friends and kids.
sprinkle love!

Headed out to celebrate Easter with family-
Oh! What a gorgeous weekend.