Monthly Archives: August 2010

the september issue

seriously the most anticipated issue of the year in the fashion magazine world
september’s is always jam-packed with inspiration

though it’s arrival in early august is always a bit depressing…

something about looking a tweed while drinking lemonade on the beach-
it’s odd.
but the photos
and the fashion
ooooh, the fashion…
always lustworthy
and this year
was certianly NO disappointment
with my favorite leading ladies gracing the most coveted covers…
always perfection.
(CANNOT wait for eat, pray, love!)
(and her babe…oooh my! ESPECIALLY donning rikshaw!)
Photobucket Photobucket
jennifer, as barbara
jen’s the switch looks to be hysterical
(can’t really go wrong with the producers of juno and little miss sunshine…)
ahh, drew.



our next-door neighbors recently welcomed a little girl to their family…
the summer babe is named violet
and i thought it was the perfect excuse
to finally break into my purple stash
for a fun play quilt!


this top was another project i managed to squeak out of girl’s weekend
inspired by one of the quilts in joelle’s book
but completely improvised with no planning or measuring
and i was thrilled with the ease and speed of which it came together
i will definitely make similar quilts for baby gifts in the future!