Monthly Archives: May 2011

garden delights

after weeks of rain
the sun is finally out, bright and warm

i’ve been soaking it up
working in my yard
planting and weeding

a well-earned lunch break
of a favorite pasta salad
leaves me wanting
more more more
simple + fresh summer pasta salad:
tri-colored pasta (ronzoni garden delights radiatore)
cherry tomatoes
black olives
fresh corn
red peppers
feta cheese
olive oil
salt + pepper

hello, goodbye

my iphone and i had issues.
the dropped calls on at+t
were enough to make me throw the thing against a wall
but, contrary to the evidence, i didn’t.
but it did fall. a lot.
my husband replaced the screen 4 times.
the last one i lived with for nearly five months
cracked and taped
because the call quality was actually better once it had cracked.
crazy, yes.
but the last time it slipped from my fingers, did the old girl in.
we made the switch…
BUH-bye at+t…
hellooo verizon.
and hello to my pretty unscarred white little friend.
meet YOUR new best friend:
the case.
(and yes, i can hear you now. hallelujah!)

impending storm

not quite sure how weather forecasters manage to keep their jobs…
this weekend on the cape
was forecasted to be miserable and wet
so, saturday’s glorious sun, was a welcomed surprise.
sunday, too, allowed for gardening
and one late afternoon beach walk
just as the weather turned moody…
last light
black and white
dark and stormy

photos snapped on the iphone