Monthly Archives: June 2012


boatload of baby pants

things have been hectic…
back and forth to the cape
spring cleaning and gardening
all things nesting
but this week
i managed to sneak into the studio
for a few hours of uninterrupted
sewing for baby
the result:
three pairs of quick change trousers
perfect for my summer beach boy
i used a selection denise schmidt’s quilts collection of cottons from joanns
and just love how bright, funky and functional (they are all reversible!!) these pants are


my one question/concern with the pattern/fit-

we are planning to cloth diaper 
and i’m hoping there is enough room in the bum
anyone used this pattern with a cloth diapered babe?


friends, already…

we are starting to wonder 
how our pets will respond 
when we bring the little guy home 
has definetly become more protective of me as this pregnacy has progressed 
but she is still quite a puppy and can get quite spastic 
 lately, though 
she loves to lay 
spooned up beside me 
head on the baby belly

happy summer!

the official first day of summer
and we are in a full-on heat wave!
extreme heat and pregnancy
(not to mention a very long to-do list of house projects)
are not mixing well for me-
to the beach
for my first float of the season 
how are you beating the heat?

sweet surprise

i opened my door
and found a pint of local, little compton strawberries
waiting for me
my sweet mother-in-law (knowing my berry obsession)
made my day
with this juicy little gift!
i popped a few like candy
added some to our morning smoothies
and baked the remaining
 with rhubarb 
who was here over the weekend
good golly, i just can’t get over the sweet flavor
of these bursting-with-goodness beauties! 
NOTHING like the plastic-packaged varieties from the supermarket-
try and scoop some up at your local farmer’s market this week!
THANK YOU janet!!