august, fully loaded…

 photo swimming2_zps459b4554.jpg
just when we get
deep into the delicious ease of july-
that sandy, joyful, barefoot, afternoon-napping bit of summer…
 photo swimming_zps62e06dbb.jpg
august arrives-
 photo emptybeach_zps2f199576.jpg
august is…
and fast… too fast…
heavy rememberances
dreaded goodbyes
twisted and mixed up with
joyful celebrations
 photo summerems3_zps03379281.jpg
 photo summerems_zps5408afe0.jpg
 wham! bam!
and it’s over-
like a tornado
through your soul
and then…
there your are.
and standing, yes… standing…
but alone
on an empty beach
everyone gone
but so not forgotten…
and every year it just feels harder-
this deep-in-your-bones emptiness
 photo beachstorm_zpsa8ce58f5.jpg
and here we are
but so.very. homesick.
for our tribe.
and those summer days
we wait all year for…

 photo summertexture_zps6692ae9b.jpg
 photo summerbeach_zpsd0b30d6a.jpg
all of a sudden, we are here…
sitting on the edge of fall
not ready for the jump-

but before we can even take one last breath
school and meetings and a calendar full of appointments
are pushing us in.

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