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glass, glee and girlfriends

last week
i met one of my very best friends, amanda
for a girl’s day in boston…

our first stop was the MFA
for the Chihuly exhibit
my fave: the persian ceiling

i was literally blown away-
(no pun intended, i promise)
the detail, scale and symmetry
left me with a whole new appreciation for the art of glass blowing.

these enormous chandeliers
designed to hang at eye level
have my wheels turning for a piece in my dining room…


glass “baskets”
shown with the native american pieces that were the inspiration
Photobucket Photobucket

we left the MFA, hoped the train to newbury
and thanks to a quick facebook shout-out for recommendations
grabbed lunch at parish cafe

afterwards we (mostly) window shopped
meeting up with a like-minded blogger, blair
for mac and cheese, street-side
slightly obsessed with the up-cycling here of tomato can to wine bucket

and i just have to get in a word about how amazing this whole “blogging world” thing is…
being able to share our lives, inspirations and obsessions with a virtual set of “friends”
is even cooler when you meet those people in real life
and fall into conversations as easy as with your nearest and dearest
pretty. awesome.

(girls, let’s please set a date for more…)

high-on-life after dinner
we reverted back to our dorky high-school selves
and belted our hearts out
glee: live!

no, we had no shame asking the 12-year-old behind us to snap our photo

kurt singing single ladies
warblers– he-ll-OH! version of teenage dream
Photobucket Photobucket

and then
i needed a week to recover.

i’m back.



“For her birthday she wanted two things: a raspberry cake and a string of pearls.”

ooooh, golly!

paul ferney’s let them eat cake paintings

are now available as prints!

“Her vision of heaven involved copious amounts of buttercream frosting.”

“The other guests had long since left but there they were, slowly savoring another piece of cake until the last crumb was gone.”

love love love!

swim party #2

the only thing i loved more than the interior design in something’s gotta give was the painting above diane keaton’s fireplace.
the swimmer.
i had hunted and hunted, found the artist, stalked his website
be still my heart.
of course, the limited addition run of 65 signed copies are far out of my decorating budget… but, oh, what i would do to look at this woman every day.
ahhh, a girl can dream.
love, love, love….

harriet & mickey

I don’t know why I have never seen the work of Annie Lavigne before… she teaches right here at RISD and her work is A-MAZ-ING! 

Whimsical and cheery… I want all of these prints!
Her site is my new go-to place for baby gifts, birthdays and even weddings.

Annie has a super cute blog too, written by her two main characters, Harriet and Mickey!
ps- to: garnet hill + land of nod- why are you not selling Harriet + Mickey!?!