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brand new baby

my girlfriend meredith
recently gave birth to her second child
last week while i was visiting
she asked if i would snap a few photos for his announcements…
the little man
his regal big brother kwinn
a welcome kiss from big sister ella
(check out her stunning blue eyes!)

is there anything sweeter than a brand new babe?!

henna baby send-off

last week, when i returned from NYC
i co-hosted a baby send-off party
at our house

this was not a traditional
gift-giving, game-playing, pastel and balloon baby shower

the mama-to-be requested henna for her belly
and to relax for an evening
with friends

with the fire glowing
we feasted on delicious indian fare

laughed and were adorned

and toasted
to girlfriends.

good luck, meredith!

twin quilts

i know you had a peek at my giraffe baby quilt that i whipped up at our crafting weekend
but when i first eyed that adorable giraffe print
i bought double.
i loved that it was modern, yet whimsical
and totally gender neutral
so i wanted to challenge myself…
twin baby quilts
one for boy, one for girl
and though it seems like everyone is having babies at the moment
no doubles.
but i still went ahead with the plan…
this for sweet baby jane in california
and this for a little mister who should be arriving any. day. now. in this neck of the woods
i adore how perfectly complementary they turned out
and really hate to part with them…
good thing they are personalized
making it slightly more socially unacceptable
to keep for myself

baby knits

finally completing my babette blanket
totally re-charged my needlework motivation
i wanted to try knitting this time around
and with babies aplenty to knit for
seemed to be just right
it was fast
and thus oh-so-satisfying…
and my weekend
with computer closed
television off
fire roaring
warm tea
fingers wrapped in merino + bamboo
has never felt so relaxing


our next-door neighbors recently welcomed a little girl to their family…
the summer babe is named violet
and i thought it was the perfect excuse
to finally break into my purple stash
for a fun play quilt!


this top was another project i managed to squeak out of girl’s weekend
inspired by one of the quilts in joelle’s book
but completely improvised with no planning or measuring
and i was thrilled with the ease and speed of which it came together
i will definitely make similar quilts for baby gifts in the future!

baby shower brunch

a brunch is such a perfect type of part of a baby shower… a fresh new day, guests happy and energized, yummy food. but there is always the question of forbidden sweets in the early pat of the day. enter the perfect applesauce “cakes.”

i was introduced to this recipe (which I’ve since adapted) but my mother-in-law, as it was the “family” birthday cake.
when i was invited to my dear friend Deb’s recent baby shower brunch, i was quick to beg to lend a hand. these cupcakes were requested.
guilt-free for morning time, but wonderfully sweet and delicious, they are perfect any time of day, but extra- wonderful for showers, baby birthdays and the like… a minimal amount of sugar, whole wheat and organic… kid tested, mom approved!
for this batch, i wasn’t sure of a party theme, so a simple pale blue and green was perfect. with white non-peril sprinkles and toppers made from martha stewart paper seals stuck double-sided on a toothpick. SO easy and chic.
Recipe Here

baby boy b.

my dear friend deb is expecting her second child, a boy, next month after a very stressful pregnancy. i’ve been pulling images together for her for months wanting to get this board up for her before they moved… better late than never, i suppose. at least it’s here before the baby!
at long last, my ideas for baby boy b.’s nursery…
matouk crib bumper and sheets * an elephant bank * simple, clean, fun + CHEAP hanging lamp
love this photograph * modern yet comfy rocker * wonderful use of reuse- the rug
rikshaw’s ultimate baby gift * nightlight * the bookcase he’ll be taking to college!
much love, deb. we cannot wait to meet the little guy!

baby shower by the bay

in celebration of my cousin-in-law, caroline’s soon-to-be baby, family and friends gathered on a perfect summer day at “blue shutters” to shower her with love, laughter, food and gifts.
the guest of honor
perfect card for the day… “rock-a-bye baby on the sea tops”
theresa, who discovered her passion for floral arranging this summer, put together all of the BEAUTIFUL bouquets
sparkling pink lemonades in cut crystal cups… perfectly lady-like!
my baby block cake, inspired by one from martha made for a adorable center-piece

caroline has a raspberry OBSESSION, so our cousin monica’s flan hit. the. spot! yummm.

the funniest gift of the day? from uncle tom, of course:
“for caroline: i heard you were having a shower.”
good luck, caroline! we can’t wait to meet baby carrot!