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for henry…

 photo HBD23_zpsb64379c8.jpg
we gathered again
on the 10th of august
for an evening at our happy place-

 photo HBD24_zpsa549bc04.jpg
the beach.

 photo HBD22_zpsdcc94ce2.jpg
 photo HBD21_zps4d393674.jpg

 photo HBD20_zps7ab30044.jpg

with our people.

 photo HBD25_zps9f36647d.jpg
dinner and wine (with the most perfect name).

 photo HBD18_zps23297d30.jpg

decorated with love, for the boy we celebrated.
wishes and prayers
we wrote
and sent-

 photo HBD26_zps2931e8c8.jpg
 photo HBD19_zpsffae644b.jpg
 photo HBD15_zps1dcc96a3.jpg
happy birthday 
we sang

 photo HBD17_zpsda24a7ae.jpg
 photo HBD16_zps9c4d4e0f.jpg
up to heaven
for our boy
 photo HBD6_zps25a77b7b.jpg
 photo HBD10_zpscba7ab56.jpg
 photo HBD13_zpsfb8e2db2.jpg
 photo HBD8_zps35b0adda.jpg
 photo HBD4_zpse455abd5.jpg
 photo HBD7_zpscb3c0290.jpg
henry patrick waldo jagger
 photo HBD12_zps50bf26b1.jpg
 photo HBD1_zpsbb4673cb.jpg
 photo HBD2_zpsf11871c1.jpg
and kisses
and tears
love and gratitude

two. xo

(last year)


celebrating henry

throughout this past pregnancy
i kept peaking ahead
to this month-

with a scramble of emotions-
love, fear, anxiety, pain, excitement
 photo henrybdaycakelit_zpsfe82abc0.jpg

the due date of our daughter
the anniversary of losing henry
i needed to find a way
to remember our sweet son
and the excitement i felt
on the day he was born-
the day i became a mom
in a way
that wasn’t totally 
i needed a celebration.
to find a way to honor 
what a joy he was
in our lives
if it was only for just 
11 days
something to share 
with our family
who felt the loss of henry
almost as completely as we did
a new tradition
that our future children
would love 
we planned a birthday beach night-
our favorite kind of easy summer celebration

 photo henrybdaycircle_zps223a5e38.jpg
a sand-side picnic

 photo henrybdayem_zps5dba857d.jpg
our favorite people

 photo henrybadycakedetail_zpsbb0bd75b.jpg
mama-decorated birthday cake

 photo henrybdaytaps_zps70e55485.jpg

taps at sunset

and then

after the sun had gone down
we sent paper lanterns
 photo henrybday2_zpscb60d194.jpg
into the night sky

 photo henrybday1_zps07a9ecea.jpg
decorated with our 
wishes + prayers
for henry patrick

on his first birthday
 photo henrybdaycake_zps8c7fcfd3.jpg
and it was
a celebration

 photo henrybdaycakeout_zps6d555bf9.jpg
with love and thanks

birthday beanie

yesterday was my husband’s 31st birthday
we celebrated first with my ‘rents on cape
with breakfast at a favorite joint
and then
with his fam
topped off with cake, a cozy fire and presents at home
his big surprise has yet to arrive
to add to his collection
this was a great
for my first project of the fall
and the yarn
happy birthday, my love!



“For her birthday she wanted two things: a raspberry cake and a string of pearls.”

ooooh, golly!

paul ferney’s let them eat cake paintings

are now available as prints!

“Her vision of heaven involved copious amounts of buttercream frosting.”

“The other guests had long since left but there they were, slowly savoring another piece of cake until the last crumb was gone.”

love love love!

29 wishes

i cannot believe my 29th birthday is a little more than a week away…
i little scary to be entering my last year of my twenties, i have to say.
here is my list of wishes, needs and dreams.
many, not so glamourous, but as a new homeowner
with a to-do list a mile long
this is what is on my mind!
others are truly “in my dreams”
but that’s allowed, right!?!
canon 5d * my signature nude: sandy beach * kate’s favorites * a couch!
organic king size mattress * gold toms * polka dot love * letterpress for 2011
a pantry full of glass jars * a perfect collection of classics * nellie for my charm bracelet * stylish hoodie
running shorts * livingroom rug * glam china * i’m over my ever-cracked screen
wallpaper for our entryway (3 rolls) * two sconces * yoga tank * first home charm
roller shades for the kitchen * easy eco ambiance * garbage disposal, installed

the big 3-0

i know, i know…
a very pathetic blogging-start to november
but, i promise, it was for good reason!

reid turned 30!
last weekend
and i had been busy busy planning
a surprise party…
i was pretty proud of the invite
seeing it had been quite a few years
since i truly tested my illustrator and photoshop skills!
i finally made pennant flags
i did each word individually so that over the years (and when we have kids)
we can add new names or holidays (“easter” etc…)
guests big
and small
a peek at the dessert table
and trumpet cake
(excuse the yet-to-be re-done granny wallpaper)
and the next night
we spent in boston
seeing AfroCubism
my very handsome and happy
THIRTY year old husband.

welcome march!

boy, even though february is the shortest month, it sure does feel like it has taken forever to get here!
we’ve been light on snow here in providence this winter, replaced with gloomy grey.
i, for one, am certainly ready for spring.
what a wonderful way to welcome in a new month than with flowers…
and, of course, you can’t beat the trader joe’s price… just means you can get more to spread around the house!
and cake.
happy birthday to janet (my mother in law)!
we celebrated tonight with dijon scallops over risotto
(whole wheat) vanilla cake with strawberry icing.
and now, i am crawling into a bed made with fresh, clean, tucked-tight sheets.
good night!