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custom color wheel

after seeing the results of our crafting weekend last winter
contacted me to see if i might be able to make her a queen size version

at long last, it was delivered to her last weekend

and she snapped these pics before a cozy fall nap


i just how her photos of it have such a moody and fall-like feel
paired with her garnet hill flannel ticking sheets
her bed will be glorious!

thanks, blair…
so glad you love it!

getting the quilt off
left me with renewed inspiration
to start sewing again…
i can’t wait to dive into my stash!

summer love

it’s august.
i really cannot believe this much of summer has already slipped by…
catching up on my blogger roll and came to this video, posted on one of my fave photo blogs
ah, the simple things. the split-second moments.
all around us. all the time.
i really can’t wait for the day that we have kids and can experience these things with them for the first time. summer just seems sweeter with kids in the mix, no?
right now,
i am grateful for a moment to put my feet up on the couch
and have perfect quiet
(except for nellie snoring, but that too is bliss)

i’m a “plucky pioneer!”

the neo-traditionalist’s lovely and adorable katie has a great series going with interviews and favorites from women entrepreneurs… it has been wonderfully inspiring and fun to get the back-story behind some of my favorite women in business like catherine from rikshaw design, anna bond from rifle paper co. and bella foster.
i was completely honored to be asked to take part and be this week’s plucky pioneer!
check out my interview and “cheat sheet” (which should be up later today) over on katie’s blog.
thank you, thank you katie! i had so much fun!
and a warm welcome to all the neo- readers… i have been so excited to begin reading your blogs!

i believe

kate, over at the neo-traditionalist, posted her manifesto yesterday.
i got goosebumps.
i believe in them all.
love love love.
i am inspired to write my own, but, i’m afraid, none could be better said than what she’s already stated.
literally, can’t stop saying it- i adore!
(and, i am sad to say, at this point… my handwritten thank you notes are disturbingly late, but i’m on it!)
image source unknown