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little things to sew

when i saw this adorable video
previewing liesl gibson’s 1st book
based on her fantastic oliver + s patterns
i was giddy with excitement…

first on my list might have to be this sweet vintage-style apron
Photobucket Photobucket
it would be so fun as an art smock in michael miller’s “art class

have you tried any oliver + s patterns?

weekend in the woods 2.0

last year, amidst mortgage paper work and packing
i took off
to my dear friend amanda’s lake house in the woods
relieve some stress

it was just so wonderful
that we decided to make it an annual event…
last weekend,
loaded down with sewing machines, irons and fabric filled boat ‘n totes
eight ladies
made it through the snow
to nourish our souls

with craft
and talk of a fabulous book
and, yes!
it was a success…
i arrived friday afternoon
and got right to work on a simple, modern, spontaneous
baby quilt for an old friend’s new baby girl
backed in a one piece of this favorite giraffe print
and the babe’s name appliqued in felt
saturday morning i was up early
to tackle the mac-daddy
of quilts
and i did it!
(well, minus the hand-stitched binding)
not bad for a day’s work, huh?!
sunday morning we all gathered ’round with our loot
for one last group picture
pretty impressive, i must say!
amanda, i cannot thank you enough for hosting and planning.
ladies, it was wonderful to meet you all!
until next year…

photos courtesy of orchardcove


i am fully immersed in
a story of a woman who left her life in New York City
when she fell in love with a man and their idea of starting a community-sustaining farm together.
i CANNOT put it down.
while certainly not as extreme, when i left NYC for Little Rhody, i traded my heels for clogs, take-out for made-from-scratch and now, too, wear my cashmere to bed.
and, i’m loving every minute of it.
however, i do think these totes would add the perfect amount of city style
to my weekly load of veggies at the farmer’s market…

beautiful little fool

i was thrilled to hear that
was chosen to portray daisy
in baz luhrmann’s
without a doubt
my most favorite book
of my most favorite class

the memories are still
SO rich-
junior year of boarding school
ms. hannay’s english

i would literally run down the walkways and into
the school building
in anticipation of our discussions
of the assigned reading…

what book made you fall deep in love with reading?

power boost

i have always considered myself a morning person-

rising early and popping out of bed.
there is something about fall…
and the dreaded alarm (going off for my teacher-husband)
that makes me want to hiebernate under the comforter.
so today
after i got up to share breakfast
and make lunch
i headed back
to bed
with my tea and laptop
for time with my google reader.
it was out of juice.
i picked up my book.
the book that had been on my wish list
and was an out-of-nowhere surprise gift
from said husband a few weeks back.
is now my fall-morning project.
what a wonderful way to start the day…
a book. and tea. in bed. (with nellie- shhhh, don’t tell)
and when 7:30am came around
i was charged up, inspired and happy to start my day.


one of my new year’s resolutions is to read more.
(more resolutions to come…)
my bedside stack is getting unreasonable and my library requests insane.
in the age of all-digital, i am so drawn to this :

a book-due calendar! LOVE it….
you can personalize, and keep track of all that you read and aim to every month.

back to nature

when i saw the amazing work of james d. griffioen, i was instantly brought back to nights from my childhood, all snuggled up, with my mom reading one of our favorites: the little house

remember this story,  of the little house in the country that literally gets swallowed up by the city that grows around her? all ends well, of course, when she is recognized and brought back out to the country. 
so when i came across these haunting photos, they left me a little… hopeful, too.

via dornob