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bunny baskets, take two

were blogged about a few years back
but i pulled the pattern out again
as a quick fun project for my little seamstresses
as much as i like teaching them new skills
and they like the accomplishment of trying a big or intimidating project
these ladies love these quick projects with bits of hand embroidery
and lots of room for personalization
certainly a success in their own right!

winter sewing class update

my little seamstresses continue to blow me away
with what they produce (and often design themselves!) in our weekly classes
this winter, we started with a biggie:
twin-sized quilts for their very own beds
the girls designed the layouts
picked the fabrics
cut, pieced and sewed the tops
hand appliqued details on the backs
sandwiched, quilted and bound
these beauties
 all on their own…
at 10 years old? yeah… impressive.
one-day pom scarves 
quick valentine’s lovies
saturday morning yoga pants
to welcome spring
we are working on a quick easter project
and then onto

school’s out for summer!

my sewing girls finished up a couple of weeks ago
just in time to go off to camp
in new outfits
completely designed and sewn by themselves!
it was a multi-week process
project runway – style
starting with drawings, a trip to the fabric store, muslin prototypes, label design and a photoshoot
the finished products were so impressive and the girls extremely proud- rightly so!

a few other spring projects to catch up on…

hand-sewn snails
(using a wee wonderfuls pattern)

patchwork pillows
for mother’s day!


bunting banners
using the triangular fabric scrape left over from the floor pouf project!

it’s been a productive spring for these little ladies!

sewing class: winter jammies and quick gift

our last sewing class in 2010
was just before christmas…
the girls finished up cozy flannel pj sets
(which they reportedly didn’t take off for much of vacation)
then, we broke into the scrap bag
choosing remnants of past projects
to make gifts for parents and siblings
Photobucket Photobucket
they personalized kraft moleskine journals
and even improved upon the pattern-
adding a ribbon to the front that extended to serve as a bookmark
they little ladies always amaze me with their creativity!
family members were thrilled, of course
and they even have a few commissions for more…
proving nothing is better than a homemade gift!

beautiful little fool

i was thrilled to hear that
was chosen to portray daisy
in baz luhrmann’s
without a doubt
my most favorite book
of my most favorite class

the memories are still
SO rich-
junior year of boarding school
ms. hannay’s english

i would literally run down the walkways and into
the school building
in anticipation of our discussions
of the assigned reading…

what book made you fall deep in love with reading?

back to class

my kid’s sewing class started up again last week…
i wanted a project that would ease them back
something relatively simple
but where they could also learn a new skill.
my sister made her daughter a smocked dress
it was adorable.
we roughly followed the same.
and they came together very easily…
the girls are thrilled
and thought the elastic thread smocking was way-cool.
here is my niece in her top made by mama

up next… halloween costumes!

little designers

the girls in my sewing class have finished another project…

the project was quick, pretty easy, and super fun
(though i never thought i’d see so much POLYESTER in my studio! ha!)
their choices in fabrics perfectly matched their personalities and all they talked about the whole time was where they were going to put them/ what they would use them for in their bedrooms.
one girl is even getting her own room for the first time and was thrilled to have her first addition.
not only are they learning to sew, but developing their own little interior design perspectives.
i love it!

sewing class update

my girls have finished another project…
this time, adorable tiered skirts in thin-wale corduroy.
they chose their color combos/order and set to work reading the patterns…
this project was definitely the most challenging for my little ladies… (learning to gather is a bit much after a long school day!) but they were OVERJOYED with their results this week when they finished, pulled them on and started twirling!
i was just as excited, and so wanted to be that age again, with a color-block skirt and some polka-dot tights.
next up: floor poufs!