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quilted coasters

really, i promise
it didn’t take me 4 months
to finish this project:
just 4 months wrap, gift and then photograph.

this weekend, in little compton for father’s day
gave me the perfect opportunity to snap some photos
of the quilted coasters
i made for my mother-in-law’s birthday gift
and, i have to say,
they look just as lovely as i’d imagined they would
in their home by the marsh.

one set for the living room

another for the kitchen/dining room

i was inspired by the coasters in denise schmidt quilts
but mine ended up being totally free hand… for better or worse.
i used a combination of quilting and upholstery weight fabrics
and am now totally obsessed with robert kaufman’s quilter’s tweeds

sibling quilts

my sister and i have been compiling lists and projects and fabrics for months now in anticipation of a sewing weekend this summer (more to come on that later)
at the top of her list are quilts for anya and evan (my niece and nephew).
miss anya is nearly ready to graduate from her crib to a “big girl bed” and luckily meggin scored two mis-matched wooden twin beds at last summer’s church bazaar that she plans to paint in high-gloss white for the kids.
they’d rather not re-paint the kid’s shared bedroom, so we have been coming up with a color palette for the quilts that can work with the current colors, just “grow it up” a bit…
the current bedroom

the new, expanded color palette

i have had this awesome quilt bookmarked for.ever. and when i passed the link along to my sister as a suggestion, it happened to be the one she had remembered and had been hunting for!

meggin came across this zig zag tutorial that we plan to use (it seems to be the most straight forward)
we are each going to tackle one of the quilts at the same time
yesterday i attacked my stash to see what i could donate to the cause…
we both like the idea of having the one chunk of navy.
and we decided that we would use a blue + white seersucker for the binding… possibly the back for one with a navy + white polka dot binding and vice-versa for the other.
i, personally, think the quilts should be fairly different from each other but work togteher color-wise and share some similar fabrics.
for evan’s, i love the idea of doing more blues, with orange and just small bits of turquoise:
for the little lady, i like a softer color palette of the lighter blues, turquoise, greens, with bits of orange and darker blue:
anyone have any zig-zag tutorials that are tried and true?

opinions, please!


after buying a few kona solids to make a quilt back for my latest project
i came to the realization that i wanted something a little more girly.
and i knew anna maria horner’s dobby dot would be a perfect fit.
while the oranges and green in the line match the colors in these far far away fabrics perfectly,
they just aren’t the look i’m going for.
the blue and/or magenta shown here aren’t a perfect match, but i can happily live with either.
just not sure which to choose!
will you help me decide?
this quilt, which makes me think of rainbow sherbet will be living on a twin spool bed in a little pink room on the 3rd floor of our house.
it is girly and sunny.
i have a little home sewing studio set up in here.
this is also “tay’s room.”
so… magenta or blue?!

bits of sunshine

i am taking care of my grama this week,
and it has been a very grey week here on cape cod.
yesterday, the fog was so thick, i couldn’t even bring the dogs for their daily beach walk because i couldn’t see a foot in front of me and didn’t want to lose them!
but, it has warmed up a bit, giving me hope that spring really is right around the corner.
my favorite color combo as of late is grey and yellow, which speaks perfectly to the season on the cusp.
felted necklace * making lemonade sheets