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blanket for my beach babe

 photo blankie2_zps833d3381.jpg

baby blankets.

yes, these days, they do seem to be a dime a dozen- stroller blankets, muslin lovies, craft fair creations are all favorite baby shower go-tos.

we have a pile on emily’s bedroom shelf of these gifted blankies and they just make my heart smile when i walk in the door- the stitches and mix-matched fabric, the knits and purls all made-with-love by family and friends excited to meet our girl.

 photo Blankie6_zpseabd2ea2.jpg

unlike my brother, whose “nahnnie” was so loved that all that remains is a few matted shreads and threads (literally! in a ziplock bag!), i was never a “blankie girl”…

 i do still have my mint green baby blanket that my mum stitched for me, with excitement, while i grew inside her.  although it wasn’t my secuirty blanket, it did come with me to boarding school, and college and now sits in that pile of emily’s beautiful blankets.

and it still has that smell. 

that comforting, bring-you-right-back smell of childhood and home…

 photo blankie3_zps50c6f1e7.jpg

 photo blankie4_zps15de316e.jpg

i’ve long dreamed of sewing baby blankets for my own babies. that first, special, made-with-love by mama gift…

 photo Blankie7_zps514e7081.jpg

so when we discovered that we were having a girl, and a summer babe, at that, i pulled out the double-gauze mermaid fabric i’ve saved for ages.

 photo blankie5_zps541e1fc3.jpg

i paired it with a few fabrics inherited from my grama’s stash,  some favorites bought over the years at purl and a gorgeous (though INSANELY labor intensive) scallop pattern…

 photo blankie1_zps89196e3d.jpg

it’s just perfect.

 photo Blankie8_zpseae0092f.jpg

just as i’d dreamed.


winter weekend by the sea

a winter weekend
spent by the sea
 with a handful of 

very dear friends

and full 
of favorite things…
 photo LC-ice_zpsb7ffcdfa.jpg
beach walks

 photo LC-walk_zps8e6f4b80.jpg
(and for a few, an icy dip, not for public view…)
 photo LC-quilt_zps1d342577.jpg
bathed in early morning sun

 photo LC-slippers_zpsc87fb21b.jpg

breakfast. perfection.

 photo LC-breakfast_zps1cd08023.jpg
not kidding.
challah french toast and “christmas” spiced bacon.

 photo LC-shoot_zps30584e83.jpg
(this is what happens when bloggers get together…)


 photo LC-emam_zpsa8d6d57a.jpg

 photo _LC-em_zps11f2969f.jpg
 photo LC-coffeestop_zps2d3c1a69.jpg
(yes, we wore pajamas to the coffee shop. it was an emergency. for real.)


 photo LC-tea_zps2118f776.jpg
over tea
girl talk…
 photo LCearlyam_zpsdcaa5a51.jpg

a few days
of just-what-i-needed
company, creating, feasting
and laughter
oh, was there ever laughter….

the perfect ending
to january
and just enough inspiration
to get february off on the right foot

M, E, A, S + B- thank. you. 

toddler trousers

my favorite little boy on the block
turns one this week
so over the weekend
i tried out anna maria horner’s reversible quick change trouser pattern
in big-boy appropriate
prints from the new ds quilts line
for his birthday gift
i was so impressed with this new line- so many fun little prints and patterns to mix and match
i can’t wait to cut into a few more!

happy birthday, sidney!

little things to sew

when i saw this adorable video
previewing liesl gibson’s 1st book
based on her fantastic oliver + s patterns
i was giddy with excitement…

first on my list might have to be this sweet vintage-style apron
Photobucket Photobucket
it would be so fun as an art smock in michael miller’s “art class

have you tried any oliver + s patterns?