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brimfield love

last thursday my dad and i took a little road trip to brimfield
we met up with my friend amanda
and set out to scour the fields
much to see

i tried
but couldn’t
leave without this bar cart
i have a thing for anything teak and mid-century.
plus, i got it for a steal
we left over-stimulated, with swollen feet and satisfied until september
(i can’t do that july show in full-summer heat)

staircase love

ok, so i’m the first to admit that i haven’t always been a fan.
for a while there, amy butler bored and annoyed me
(most of it)
especially the navy blue.
i hadn’t found a place to use any of it in our house yet…
so when i heard that graham + brown is producing the wallpaper (!!!)
my wheels started turning…
thinking maybe for the risers on our staircase?
reid likes the idea in general- he even pointed out a photo in last month’s this old house
love either of these:

hopefully they’re not too girly?
a little more inspiration…

for the love of liberty

i have a huge place in my heart for target.
ok, maybe it’s an obsession.
honestly, i find a reason to go weekly, and if i don’t need anything, i call my sister or mother (who live in places target does not) asking them if they need anything, just so i can have an excuse to go.
i love nearly everything about their “making design accessible” mission. there partnership with “it” designers?
i loved proenza schouler. missed john derian. sadly under-whelmed by orla kiely. anxiously awaiting gaultier
and now, it’s official…
(the video preview? AHHHH-MAZING!)
NOT to be missed.
march 14th.
be there.


one of my new year’s resolutions is to read more.
(more resolutions to come…)
my bedside stack is getting unreasonable and my library requests insane.
in the age of all-digital, i am so drawn to this :

a book-due calendar! LOVE it….
you can personalize, and keep track of all that you read and aim to every month.

5 fab gifts

i met catherine, of rikshaw design, last year at a trade show and i was immediately i was blown away by her gorgeous products, and how friendly she was. seriously, she’s got it all going on…
not only is she gorgeous, and unbelievably stylish…

but her line of block printed bedding for children is off. the. hook.
rikshaw just introduced twin sizes, but i’m still hoping for some full size sets
shower curtains!
can you imagine?!?
well, this cool chick has a super chic blog that gives me dreams of glamour, even when i’m blogging from bed in sweats.
so, i was blown away and over-the-top excited when she asked me to participate in her “5 fab gifts” series.
check my suggestions out today!

renter’s reality- the BIG reveal!

way back in june, i posted some suggestions for amanda, about her living/dining/ meeting space in the house she and her husband rent.

well, the room is finally pulled together and, i have to say, a HUGE improvement.
fun and relaxed, but “grown-up” from the college dorm days.
and, definitely presentable enough to meet with clients in.
without further adieu…
dining space
from dining looking to living
living space
from entrance looking to living
well done amanda and jeff!
more details about all that they did on amanda’s blog.