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bunny booties

another week slipped by
leaving me no chance to check in here-
spring cleaning, painting, yard work
a quick overnight visit with a dear friend
and yes, editing the morocco pictures
i did manage to spend a few
evening hours
cozy on the couch
finishing these adorable bunny slippers
just in time to make it into tay’s easter basket
yes, they are as cozy as they look-
she’ll adore them for sure!
i’m going to try and snap a few snippets of spring around the house tomorrow morning
before we head out to celebrate easter with family
wishing you a lovely weekend
and a happy easter
(and/or passover!)

bunny baskets, take two

were blogged about a few years back
but i pulled the pattern out again
as a quick fun project for my little seamstresses
as much as i like teaching them new skills
and they like the accomplishment of trying a big or intimidating project
these ladies love these quick projects with bits of hand embroidery
and lots of room for personalization
certainly a success in their own right!

spring snapshots

i adore decorating for holidays.
especially easter– budding branches, baby bunnies, the promise that it really is spring.
and having my very own mantle to decorate make this holiday even more exciting!

on vacations i’ve been collecting sand from the beaches we have surfed together…
displayed in vintage glass spice jars labeled with the beach name, place and date.
cape cod drift wood and a sweet little nest.

i couldn’t resist these adorable felted bunnies handmade on martha’s vinyard from local wool

reid’s easter basket this year was filled with necessities made cute-
a new electric drill fashioned to be a bunny!

products of friday’s cookie + egg decorating get together with friends and kids.
sprinkle love!

Headed out to celebrate Easter with family-
Oh! What a gorgeous weekend.

bunny baskets

my mind and desktop are overflowing with things to post, but i’ve been swamped with work lately, trying to get our spring orders out.

what has been keeping me up at night, though, has been a bit of easter crafting! 
christine and i came across some adorable bunny bags over at disdressed that used a pattern from a  zakka book.
inspired by these ideas, we decided to take it one step further and go all out with these little bunnies! 
i’ve made up a pattern so you can whip up a few for an easter morning surprise.
use your favorite vintage or libery print for the body, ear backs and handles and a solid (we used an oatmeal linen) for the lining.
i would recommend sewing in this order:
* embroider a personalized face on one of the body pieces
* sew all 4 body pieces to the bottom
* sew up each of the 4 sides
* repeat for the lining
* iron interfacing to the wrong-side of both (printed fabric) ear pieces
* with print fabric and lining, right-sides together, sew around sides and top of ear (leave bottom unsewn)
* clip seam allowance around top curve of ear, turn inside out and press
* fold edge of ear into snipped marker
* sew ears onto printed fabric
* cut TWO 1.5″ wide by 10″ long strips of the printed fabric
* right sides together sew along the long side (1/4″ seam allowance) turn inside out and press
* attach these two handles to the left and right side of the body
* with RIGHT sides together, place the printed bunny INSIDE the lining (face will be hidden between the two bunny bodies, ears and handles tucked between the two layers as well)
* sew along the top edge of the bodies (1/4″ seam allowance) leaving a 2″ space in the back side
* turn inside out, press and top stitch around top edge
* make up a puffy pom pom (tutorial here)
* using darning needle, sew pom pom on back side of body
* stuff with goodies and enjoy!
i sent mine off to my little fresh air fund sister, Theresa yesterday… can’t wait to hear her reaction!