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beautiful little fool

i was thrilled to hear that
was chosen to portray daisy
in baz luhrmann’s
without a doubt
my most favorite book
of my most favorite class

the memories are still
SO rich-
junior year of boarding school
ms. hannay’s english

i would literally run down the walkways and into
the school building
in anticipation of our discussions
of the assigned reading…

what book made you fall deep in love with reading?

girl crush

TOTAL. girl. crush.
carey mulligan.
she was per.fec.tion.
(as were the clothes, sets and PARIS)
she totally brought me back to
that naive school girl…
and left me
the glamour of paris.
but, of course
i adore the new cropped ‘do
she is rockin’!

summer love

it’s august.
i really cannot believe this much of summer has already slipped by…
catching up on my blogger roll and came to this video, posted on one of my fave photo blogs
ah, the simple things. the split-second moments.
all around us. all the time.
i really can’t wait for the day that we have kids and can experience these things with them for the first time. summer just seems sweeter with kids in the mix, no?
right now,
i am grateful for a moment to put my feet up on the couch
and have perfect quiet
(except for nellie snoring, but that too is bliss)

sweet sixteen

cover girl on december’s teen vogue, and just shy of her sixteenth birthday, dakota fanning is back in the spotlight for a role in the newest twilight film.
i suppose it’s still early for her, but isn’t it refreshing to see a young a-lister famous for their work, rather than their DUIs and sex tapes?
i’ve always been a fan, and i think these pictures are GORGEOUS and, age appropriate.

looking very kate hudson

still a little bit, “little girl”

pure chic-ness

mamma mia… oh my!

i was a little late getting on the Mamma Mia train, but i finally saw it last night and all i can say, is that, if i had the money, i’d be on the first flight to greece! UNBELIEVABLE scenery… but, my favorite part, of course, was the set design. 

the textiles, paint colors, antiques left me drooling for more…
Josef Frank textiles (remember this anthropologie chair!?) hanging on the clotheslines….

find his textiles, shown below at Svenskt Tenn 
hand embroidered bed linens
(as seen in the movie still at the top of this post)
much like this
love the layers, piles, prints of mix-matched quilts 
(not to mention the aegean blue walls!)

how amazing would it be to have a relaxed, inviting, chic guestroom done in this style…
a playroom? 
mamma mia film stills from