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rainy summer sundays

those lazy summer days
 photo sunday-couch_zps592dc01a.jpg 
hazy with light rain
guiltlessly off the beach
 photo sunday-chair_zps38d2686c.jpg 
 sprawled across a couch
falling deeper
into a good book
 photo sunday-book_zpse5cc12e9.jpg
 photo sunday-table_zps3e49c154.jpg

 photo sunday-beerchips_zpsc09ce13d.jpg
with the whole crew
 photo sunday-scene_zps4f9ca207.jpg
around the family table
in the light of day
 photo sunday-lobster_zpsa012a0a9.jpg


full bellies

 photo sunday-happyfaces_zps59d0b360.jpg


 photo sunday-hats_zps3e27d5ef.jpg



happy list

a collection
of the little things that have made my week

OH shnikes!
i’ve been meaning and meaning and meaning
to get to this place
is here!
and half gone!
life has been busy, busy, busy
which, i suppose
is good-
these last two months-
filled with holidays celebrating parenthood
and warming tide pools filled with splashing babies
has left my heart heavier than i expected…
but, of course
there are the very happy things
that come with early summer, too…
dining al fresco
 photo happy-dinnerout_zps36e7e87f.jpg 
in our sweet backyard
rising with the sun
 photo happy-dew_zpsab6753d2.jpg
and finding such beauty
custom ellas
 photo happy-ellas_zps19b5e205.jpg 
on their way to a colorado wedding
(and to be worn with cowboy boots! love!)
a surprise delivery
 photo happy-berries_zpse87e16ad.jpg 
local, organic, summer berries
oh. my. yum.
the most happy thing of all-
the arrival of my people
those friends who really are family
whose summer migration north
makes every. little. thing.



happy list

a collection
of the little things that have made my week

guilty pleasure
 photo happy-luckycharms_zps9abac98e.jpg
because sometimes
there is just no resisting their magical deliciousness
 photo mermaidtail_zps25ac40c2.jpg
and the purr of my sewing machine
and it feels so good…
while sitting on the back steps
late one afternoon
my hearty succulents
 photo springcleaningsucculents_zps44a69d9d.jpg
finally got re-potted
this moment
 photo happy-snuggle_zps29744296.jpg
snapped by my husband-
long after i’d fallen asleep 
cuddled up to the sweet smell 
of my favorite girl

let’s be honest- it was a looong, dark winter
with looong, dark roots
which really-
was no good for anyone.
so, with a quick trip to NYC
 photo blond_zps0cab1b92.jpg
the blond is back
 photo blond2_zpse26be1e5.jpg
has me feeling
a little more



happy list

a collection
of the little things that have made my week

freshly baked cookies
 photo happy-cookies_zps80a7d678.jpg
a weekly necessity
for a hungry husband
(a kitchen sink version of granola-dark chocolate this week… YUM)
soft, sweet, silky knits
 photo happy-blocking_zps10cae9c0.jpg
set for blocking
a fresh, peaceful corner
 photo happy-pussywillow_zpsa3cca6f2.jpg
of our torn-apart home
snail mail
 photo happy-summercard_zpsffdf5f17.jpg
that says just the right thing
house guests
 photo happy-dogs_zps72459b8e.jpg
of the cutest kind

snowed in, well-fed

i was like a kid in a candy store
with the anticipation of the big storm that snowed us in last weekend
a friday off for my husband
made the whole thing even better
(i had house projects on the mind!)
we were well stocked and ready-
i hit the local farmer’s market the week before and loaded up on winter root vegetables and fresh baked  breads
 photo storm-beets_zps259a8061.jpg

friday morning was spent at lowes and benjamin moore
(shockingly i was the only one in the home dec isles! ha…) 

we started the long weekend off right
 photo storm-lunch_zps417edb03.jpg
grilled cheddar, butcher bacon, avocado + honey mustard
on great harvest’s high 5 fiber (now at our farmer’s market– yahoo!)

before getting down to business
i took a little “me” time
to knit and catch up with a friend
 photo babyhat1_zpsb339cce6.jpg
resulting in a super cozy
baby blizzard hat
for our newest next door neighbor

reid and i started painting at 8pm
with lights flickering
we watched the storm really pick up

by saturday morning
we woke to this

 photo storm-window_zps624ae299.jpg
snow day bliss…

complete with a warm, stick-to-your bones breakfast

 photo storm-breakfast_zps398ea24b.jpg

Cheddar scramble w/ roasted cherry tomatoes, sourdough avocado toast and (more!) butcher bacon

spent most of the day shoveling 
while I painted trim
stopping briefly 
 photo stormsoup_zpsb11d6e4c.jpg
for a bowl of
and then… 
back to the to-do list!
 photo stormmittens_zps56fee385.jpg