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i went on a massive cooking spree during the storm
and with the cool temps and near-bare trees
i had a craving for gingerbread
so, in the spirit of the season…
gingerdead men
the arm bone’s connected to the…
that song has been playing in my head for hours with i decorated!
no, they’re not anatomically correct
but they’re cute, creepy and oh-so yummy!
happy halloween!

happy list

a collection
of the little things that have made my week
1. this map
 because it led the way on our impromptu road trip. old-school style. to see the best of friends.
2. birthday cake
celebrating 13 years…
time. flies.
3. linen sheets
ah. maz. ing.
 best for: sleeping late, girl talk and a good book… 
4. hand-stitching
pocahontas. for a special little lady.

looking ahead to halloween

now that it is officially fall
the farm stands overflowing with mums and pumpkins
and stores filled with orange and black
seem a little more appropriate
(i am still coming to terms with the season change…)
halloween is just around the corner
(the girls in my sewing class will start creating their costumes next week!)
time to get going!

And….I’m Back

It’s been a while, but I am back and newly-committed to my humble blog.

After a long summer of waitressing, business-only thinking and wedding planning, my creative juices are flowing again! HALLELUJAH!

I have decided to dedicate one day a week to crafting- house projects- clothing (for me!) making…my dream to-do list was just getting to long and I was feeling uninspired in all areas of my life. I am hoping to start blogging my DIY projects here, so stay tuned.

So, lately I have been totally into Halloween. This is odd for me because, I have to say, orange and black? Yeah, just not doing it for me. But there is something about the new crop of odd shaped and colored gourds that I love. And Candy Corn. I do love Candy Corn. BUT, how about this for Halloween Glamour: