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martha mondays

have become
my day to re-group around the house…
do the laundry, re-stock the fridge, cook and clean.
i have lovingly named this day of the week a “martha monday”
one part martha stewart and one part my mom martha
mornings in the kitchen
making lunch box snacks:
organic trail mix
organic homemade yogurts with mango compote
a good fridge scrub-down
makes one feel
fresh and new
in the oven:
oatmeal flax bread
spinning downstairs:
loads and loads of laundry
good to start the week!

home for the holidays

… a snap a day, through the season, of a festive corner of our home…

one of my MOST favorite
family traditions
is that every year on christmas eve
while eating fondue by the fire
we open one gift.
an ornament
that has to do with something we have done that year…
this was from the year i learned to surf.
(and no, i couldn’t hang ten that first year. i still can’t… someday?)

home for the holidays

i am getting so into holiday decorating this year…
SUCH a thrill with our own home to spice up!

i am going to try and post a little snapshot everyday
throughout the season
from a corner of our house…


this is my most favorite holiday decoration
a tiny little carved wood creche
every year when i unwrap it, childhood christmas memories flood right back

far far away

i started my
far far away quilt
i actually finished it in a respectable amount of time
but wanted to get a sham done before i took pictures
and that… took awhile.
i had bought a fat-quater set with each print from heather ross’ far far away I
from which i cut the squares for the top.
for the back, i used anna maria horner’s pastry line voile in water (just girly enough)
far far away quilt
i pieced a strip off-center on the back of the leftover bits from the top…
i included the “far far away” from the selvedges because i thought it added to the whimsy…
far far away quilt
at long last…
a peek at the corner of “tay’s room”
(which is also my home sewing room)
far far away quilt
i am so pleased- the quilt reminds me of rainbow sherbet!

before+after: GUEST ROOM

(wow! these house posts have been a loong time coming!)

one of the things i really loved about our house when we first took a walk through
was the 3rd floor
two(!) rooms with full-height ceilings, good closet space
it was pretty much a blank slate.
Guest Room
(original mls listing photo)

i was anxious to get this space looking good right away-
especially as the larger room was to be the guest room
and my parents were visiting often to help with projects!
we bought paint the same day as our closing and my mom and i got to work…
Guest Room
nellie supervised.
Guest Room
although we had decent hardwood floors up there
they would have had to have been refinished
and it was cold.
i also wanted to be sure the space felt cozy and not that you were sleeping in the attic!
so we decided our major first-year expense would be to carpet the third floor and staircase.
Guest Room
remember those mid-century chairs?
my $10 score at our church fair a few years ago
i kept the green velvet upholstery and refinished the wood.
the chinoiserie lamp/table was my grama’s.

Guest Room
bureau: craigslist
funky brass+ acrylic scalloped table lamp: goodwill

Guest Room
the trunk was my “hope chest” which my dad bought at brimfield in the 80’s
lamp: homegoods
tissue box cover: design works
Guest Room Guest Room
a few more detail shots
crocheted rocks photo: etsy in ikea frame
high-low bedding mix- quilt: target, duvet: john robshaw
i still have a few more pictures to find frames for
but other than that, i love this cozy
(and a bit girly)
guest get-away!