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girl crush

TOTAL. girl. crush.
carey mulligan.
she was per.fec.tion.
(as were the clothes, sets and PARIS)
she totally brought me back to
that naive school girl…
and left me
the glamour of paris.
but, of course
i adore the new cropped ‘do
she is rockin’!

daily affirmations

summer has kicked my butt thus far…
busy busy busy
(which is good)
but it has left me feeling guilty
for all the unanswered emails, phone calls
half-finished projects
and lack of checking in here.
i have so much to be grateful for right now
starting with being by the seaside
during the heat wave…
so, instead of feeling bad
and letting that keep me out-of-touch
i’m taking a cue from this cutie-pie:
and getting on with it.
(you go girlie!)
VERY happy to be back.

i believe

kate, over at the neo-traditionalist, posted her manifesto yesterday.
i got goosebumps.
i believe in them all.
love love love.
i am inspired to write my own, but, i’m afraid, none could be better said than what she’s already stated.
literally, can’t stop saying it- i adore!
(and, i am sad to say, at this point… my handwritten thank you notes are disturbingly late, but i’m on it!)
image source unknown