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oscar glam

hollywood’s big night
where the red carpet really IS the best part
and my favorite ladies
did NOT disappoint…
gywneth was STUNNING in calvin klein.
this IS modern glamour
and the stick- straight hair was perfect.
mandy moore
ummm… WOW
she. has. arrived.
helen mirian
is H.O.T.
seriously… SO proud with that stunning white bob
and fircely funky dress
sandra bullock
i just adore her.
not my most favorite look on her ever
but she ROCKS it
and speaking of red hot mammas…
hello, penelope cruz
and her 4 week post-baby bod.
reese witherspoon
all hollywood glam
love the emeralds with the black + white
halle berry
make up. hair. dress.
mila kunis
in that stand-out lavender
which was gorgeous on the red carpet
michelle williams
and her insanely feminine bob.
did you watch? what were your faves?!

the september issue

seriously the most anticipated issue of the year in the fashion magazine world
september’s is always jam-packed with inspiration

though it’s arrival in early august is always a bit depressing…

something about looking a tweed while drinking lemonade on the beach-
it’s odd.
but the photos
and the fashion
ooooh, the fashion…
always lustworthy
and this year
was certianly NO disappointment
with my favorite leading ladies gracing the most coveted covers…
always perfection.
(CANNOT wait for eat, pray, love!)
(and her babe…oooh my! ESPECIALLY donning rikshaw!)
Photobucket Photobucket
jennifer, as barbara
jen’s the switch looks to be hysterical
(can’t really go wrong with the producers of juno and little miss sunshine…)
ahh, drew.


oscar love.

i’ve always loved demi moore.
and she keeps getting better and better (i know, she has the help of a great plastic surgeon, but still….)
hands down, best dressed.
age appropriate and uber-chic.
love love love.
and meryl.
ok, so she can do no wrong.
but she could have been boring. and she wasn’t. elegant and so her.
a lesson in how to dress curves:
embrace them ladies!
that diagonal sweep of beading is perfection. the color too.
oh, sandra.
i adore her.
i am THRILLED she won. her speech was perfect.
but the dress?
missed it.
it was a beautiful dress (i love the cap sleeve)
but she wasn’t comfortable.
the hair too… too “perfect” for her.
but still, see the movie. fabulous.
biggest disappointment?
80’s hair and pretty, but safe dress.
but then,
she goes and NAILS. IT. at the after party.
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