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false start

i was just saying that 2012 was gonna be a good one

i broke my foot.
as in,
snapped off a chunk of the 5th Metatarsal.
sound fun?
so now
it’s ah gonna be a looooong 6-8 weeks
(and possibily up to 12 until i can lace up sneaks and comfortably go for a run)
so that’s like… spring, right?

so, that’s where i’ve been
not driving, cooking, sewing, exploring, traveling, cleaning, exercising, standing
good times, kids.
good times.

hoping this + an extended doggie ER visit + car drama = our “they come in 3’s” bad-luck streak

catty moment

couldn’t resist…

ok, i know i am being catty, but, ummmm….
for once, i can relate with Vienna… from the look on her face, she has clearly figured out just why Jake was never able to get a date in high school.
i am hopelessly addicted to the Bachelor, and this season was terribly awkward and, in the end, disappointing.
but, i have a glimmer of hope, as it’s been announced that Ali will be the next Bachelorette.