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showered with love

in late june
the ladies in my life
all gathered in little compton
on a glorious sunday morning
 for a most wonderful party
in honor of this little boy-to-be and me…
 Photobucket   Photobucket 
we were treated to delicious food
 showered with adorable gifts
reid’s old lederhosen!
 Photobucket   Photobucket 
advice was shared

a (very appropriately-me) game played
 Photobucket   Photobucket 
the cutest of cupcakes devoured
love and laughter 
filled the day
sisters travelled from miles and miles…

the boys (+ nellie) took a paddle while we celebrated
 guests left with these sweet favors
thank you, thank you
to the greatest friends
and party planners
meredith, meggs and laurie
my cup runneth over…
amanda snapped the photos throughout the day. 
thank you AH, i am so grateful to have these beautiful shots to remember the day!


henna baby send-off

last week, when i returned from NYC
i co-hosted a baby send-off party
at our house

this was not a traditional
gift-giving, game-playing, pastel and balloon baby shower

the mama-to-be requested henna for her belly
and to relax for an evening
with friends

with the fire glowing
we feasted on delicious indian fare

laughed and were adorned

and toasted
to girlfriends.

good luck, meredith!

matchbook launch

this weekend i spent recovering
after a whirlwind trip
to new york city
(in the midst of the ice/snow storm)
last week
for the

it was an honor to be invited to celebrate with katie, jane and fallon
(and to finally meet them in real life!)

so fun and slightly surreal to be in a room full of bloggers you feel like you know after following their daily journals for years…
joanna goddard, chelsea and jamie of sugar paper, the quintessence, anna bond
oh, and john derian.


can you believe it will be february TOMORROW!?!
i can.not!
seriously, this month has FLLLLOWN by.
oh, all the good intentions…
(a few catch-up posts coming your way)
like these (now) month-old pictures
from our new year’s eve celebration
it was quiet and simple
good food
great friends
mum * tay * me

Photobucket Photobucket
(yes, totally breaking fire code)
a wonderful welcome to the 2011
that left everyone pooped:
nellie can barely lift her lids
and jack didn’t quite make it to bed

the big 3-0

i know, i know…
a very pathetic blogging-start to november
but, i promise, it was for good reason!

reid turned 30!
last weekend
and i had been busy busy planning
a surprise party…
i was pretty proud of the invite
seeing it had been quite a few years
since i truly tested my illustrator and photoshop skills!
i finally made pennant flags
i did each word individually so that over the years (and when we have kids)
we can add new names or holidays (“easter” etc…)
guests big
and small
a peek at the dessert table
and trumpet cake
(excuse the yet-to-be re-done granny wallpaper)
and the next night
we spent in boston
seeing AfroCubism
my very handsome and happy
THIRTY year old husband.

blue shutters baby shower

i’m a little behind on some fun summer posting
like this baby shower for a california cousin…
my husband’s family spends summers in a string of cottages on the bay
and the family tradition has always been to hold the celebrations at “blue shutters.”
tay loves that every summer there has been a shower to plan, decorate and bake for-
(two years ago it was my surprise wedding shower, last year was caroline’s baby shower and this year was for BGH- baby girl hayden)
a late morning feast for the glowing mamma-to-be

tay and i decorated cupcakes- she planned the swaddled babies complete with bottles and bonnets!

each family member decorated a square for a quilt i will put together (before the little one’s arrival!)

SUCH a special family tradition…

catch up

clearly i’ve been a little out of touch…
busy weeks packed with projects
weekends celebrating with friends
impromptu afternoons on the beach
oh! and a heat wave
have kept me away from the computer
back now… and loads to post
so stand by!

baby shower brunch

a brunch is such a perfect type of part of a baby shower… a fresh new day, guests happy and energized, yummy food. but there is always the question of forbidden sweets in the early pat of the day. enter the perfect applesauce “cakes.”

i was introduced to this recipe (which I’ve since adapted) but my mother-in-law, as it was the “family” birthday cake.
when i was invited to my dear friend Deb’s recent baby shower brunch, i was quick to beg to lend a hand. these cupcakes were requested.
guilt-free for morning time, but wonderfully sweet and delicious, they are perfect any time of day, but extra- wonderful for showers, baby birthdays and the like… a minimal amount of sugar, whole wheat and organic… kid tested, mom approved!
for this batch, i wasn’t sure of a party theme, so a simple pale blue and green was perfect. with white non-peril sprinkles and toppers made from martha stewart paper seals stuck double-sided on a toothpick. SO easy and chic.
Recipe Here