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oscar glam

hollywood’s big night
where the red carpet really IS the best part
and my favorite ladies
did NOT disappoint…
gywneth was STUNNING in calvin klein.
this IS modern glamour
and the stick- straight hair was perfect.
mandy moore
ummm… WOW
she. has. arrived.
helen mirian
is H.O.T.
seriously… SO proud with that stunning white bob
and fircely funky dress
sandra bullock
i just adore her.
not my most favorite look on her ever
but she ROCKS it
and speaking of red hot mammas…
hello, penelope cruz
and her 4 week post-baby bod.
reese witherspoon
all hollywood glam
love the emeralds with the black + white
halle berry
make up. hair. dress.
mila kunis
in that stand-out lavender
which was gorgeous on the red carpet
michelle williams
and her insanely feminine bob.
did you watch? what were your faves?!

matchbook launch

this weekend i spent recovering
after a whirlwind trip
to new york city
(in the midst of the ice/snow storm)
last week
for the

it was an honor to be invited to celebrate with katie, jane and fallon
(and to finally meet them in real life!)

so fun and slightly surreal to be in a room full of bloggers you feel like you know after following their daily journals for years…
joanna goddard, chelsea and jamie of sugar paper, the quintessence, anna bond
oh, and john derian.

girl crush: reese

love. love. love. her
(though, personally, i would have stuck with jake)
and her personal style is SO good-
the chambray, rolled boyfriend jeans, aviators, hats
cowboy boots with skirts, accessories that pop…

nails it every.time.

girl crush: gwyneth

i am the first to admit
i’ve totally had a girl crush on gwyneth since the early days
and i know, at times she come across as a total snob in interviews
and some films have been less than stellar…
but last night
on glee
she nailed it.
and my heart sang a little.
did you watch?

american family

i have stubbled upon a blog of an amazing little american family.

she is adorable. a starting-out stylist. a fantastic mom. and beautifully pregnant.
he loves to photograph his wife. and her belly.

and his stepson, littlest buddy.

he is writing about their struggles in these uncertain times.
and for them, they are more uncertain than for most.
but they laugh. and talk. and make art. and love.
and so, there is hope.
this is what america needs more of.
thank you.
ps- someone, somewhere needs to HIRE this man QUICK. his talent is out.of.con.trol.