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blanket for my beach babe

 photo blankie2_zps833d3381.jpg

baby blankets.

yes, these days, they do seem to be a dime a dozen- stroller blankets, muslin lovies, craft fair creations are all favorite baby shower go-tos.

we have a pile on emily’s bedroom shelf of these gifted blankies and they just make my heart smile when i walk in the door- the stitches and mix-matched fabric, the knits and purls all made-with-love by family and friends excited to meet our girl.

 photo Blankie6_zpseabd2ea2.jpg

unlike my brother, whose “nahnnie” was so loved that all that remains is a few matted shreads and threads (literally! in a ziplock bag!), i was never a “blankie girl”…

 i do still have my mint green baby blanket that my mum stitched for me, with excitement, while i grew inside her.  although it wasn’t my secuirty blanket, it did come with me to boarding school, and college and now sits in that pile of emily’s beautiful blankets.

and it still has that smell. 

that comforting, bring-you-right-back smell of childhood and home…

 photo blankie3_zps50c6f1e7.jpg

 photo blankie4_zps15de316e.jpg

i’ve long dreamed of sewing baby blankets for my own babies. that first, special, made-with-love by mama gift…

 photo Blankie7_zps514e7081.jpg

so when we discovered that we were having a girl, and a summer babe, at that, i pulled out the double-gauze mermaid fabric i’ve saved for ages.

 photo blankie5_zps541e1fc3.jpg

i paired it with a few fabrics inherited from my grama’s stash,  some favorites bought over the years at purl and a gorgeous (though INSANELY labor intensive) scallop pattern…

 photo blankie1_zps89196e3d.jpg

it’s just perfect.

 photo Blankie8_zpseae0092f.jpg

just as i’d dreamed.


happy list

a collection
of the little things that have made my week

guilty pleasure
 photo happy-luckycharms_zps9abac98e.jpg
because sometimes
there is just no resisting their magical deliciousness
 photo mermaidtail_zps25ac40c2.jpg
and the purr of my sewing machine
and it feels so good…
while sitting on the back steps
late one afternoon
my hearty succulents
 photo springcleaningsucculents_zps44a69d9d.jpg
finally got re-potted
this moment
 photo happy-snuggle_zps29744296.jpg
snapped by my husband-
long after i’d fallen asleep 
cuddled up to the sweet smell 
of my favorite girl

let’s be honest- it was a looong, dark winter
with looong, dark roots
which really-
was no good for anyone.
so, with a quick trip to NYC
 photo blond_zps0cab1b92.jpg
the blond is back
 photo blond2_zpse26be1e5.jpg
has me feeling
a little more


winter sewing class update

my little seamstresses continue to blow me away
with what they produce (and often design themselves!) in our weekly classes
this winter, we started with a biggie:
twin-sized quilts for their very own beds
the girls designed the layouts
picked the fabrics
cut, pieced and sewed the tops
hand appliqued details on the backs
sandwiched, quilted and bound
these beauties
 all on their own…
at 10 years old? yeah… impressive.
one-day pom scarves 
quick valentine’s lovies
saturday morning yoga pants
to welcome spring
we are working on a quick easter project
and then onto

charlie x 2

i pulled these fabrics together
back over the summer
when two sets of friends had baby boys
both named
i had long-loved david walker’s boys will be boys fabric line
and decided to make the kiddos 
stroller blankets
half-finished they’d been buried
until the weekend
when i finally finished and photographed
charlie (x2) will have his quilt before his first birthday!



i’m a total sucker for kids with accents
have you seen this #1 youtube video?!

custom color wheel

after seeing the results of our crafting weekend last winter
contacted me to see if i might be able to make her a queen size version

at long last, it was delivered to her last weekend

and she snapped these pics before a cozy fall nap


i just how her photos of it have such a moody and fall-like feel
paired with her garnet hill flannel ticking sheets
her bed will be glorious!

thanks, blair…
so glad you love it!

getting the quilt off
left me with renewed inspiration
to start sewing again…
i can’t wait to dive into my stash!

quilted coasters

really, i promise
it didn’t take me 4 months
to finish this project:
just 4 months wrap, gift and then photograph.

this weekend, in little compton for father’s day
gave me the perfect opportunity to snap some photos
of the quilted coasters
i made for my mother-in-law’s birthday gift
and, i have to say,
they look just as lovely as i’d imagined they would
in their home by the marsh.

one set for the living room

another for the kitchen/dining room

i was inspired by the coasters in denise schmidt quilts
but mine ended up being totally free hand… for better or worse.
i used a combination of quilting and upholstery weight fabrics
and am now totally obsessed with robert kaufman’s quilter’s tweeds

twin quilts

i know you had a peek at my giraffe baby quilt that i whipped up at our crafting weekend
but when i first eyed that adorable giraffe print
i bought double.
i loved that it was modern, yet whimsical
and totally gender neutral
so i wanted to challenge myself…
twin baby quilts
one for boy, one for girl
and though it seems like everyone is having babies at the moment
no doubles.
but i still went ahead with the plan…
this for sweet baby jane in california
and this for a little mister who should be arriving any. day. now. in this neck of the woods
i adore how perfectly complementary they turned out
and really hate to part with them…
good thing they are personalized
making it slightly more socially unacceptable
to keep for myself

weekend in the woods 2.0

last year, amidst mortgage paper work and packing
i took off
to my dear friend amanda’s lake house in the woods
relieve some stress

it was just so wonderful
that we decided to make it an annual event…
last weekend,
loaded down with sewing machines, irons and fabric filled boat ‘n totes
eight ladies
made it through the snow
to nourish our souls

with craft
and talk of a fabulous book
and, yes!
it was a success…
i arrived friday afternoon
and got right to work on a simple, modern, spontaneous
baby quilt for an old friend’s new baby girl
backed in a one piece of this favorite giraffe print
and the babe’s name appliqued in felt
saturday morning i was up early
to tackle the mac-daddy
of quilts
and i did it!
(well, minus the hand-stitched binding)
not bad for a day’s work, huh?!
sunday morning we all gathered ’round with our loot
for one last group picture
pretty impressive, i must say!
amanda, i cannot thank you enough for hosting and planning.
ladies, it was wonderful to meet you all!
until next year…

photos courtesy of orchardcove

to elise with love

remember the family baby shower
we threw for a california cousin late last summer?
i asked family members to each decorate a quilt square
which were strung up on a clothesline at the party
and then i incorporated them all
into a simple, sweet quilt
little miss elise!
we hope she will think of all her relatives on the beach of the east coast anxiously waiting to meet her!