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there is this…

OR… there WAS that…

a new baby… on the way…


offically 38 weeks, so yes, VERY soon!

ANNNND then I delivered two weeks early, of course, before i pressed publish

and so, here we are

a family of four


with two little girls

eeeep! sisters! (we didn’t find out the gender before birth)

and life feels SO full

full in the exhausting, time-flying-yet-sooo-slow, when and HOW do you grocery shop/ clean / cook / BLOG, unison crying, 7pm adult-bedtime type of FULL

BUT, also the heart-bursting, big-sister-kissing, bed-full of GIRLS in matching pjs, newborn snoozing of chest, absolute JOY type of FULL


and just about every five minutes of the last four weeks I’ve wondered HOW DID WE GET HERE?! and THANK GOODNESS we are HERE.

i won’t shadow this post with the nitty gritty, but this pregnancy was not an easy one for me (emotionally). the dark winter i last spoke about coupled with pregnancy hormones and scary realities we know too much about made me sad and anxious. sharing the news we were expecting felt too presumptuous and even family and close friends who might not have seen us once i’d started showing were shocked and confused by a “new baby!” announcement last month. there are these things i’ve learned i don’t need to apologize or make excuses for…

and so… now…

our littlest girl is here!


eve emerson

born quickly and HEALTHY on the 29th of May

emily is SO excited to have her own baby to “cuh-wool”… she is excited to tell just about anyone about “baby eve!” and rocks her seat, offers a binky from her own mouth and buries her in toys when she makes the slightest of peeps.

we are over the moon



wow. i am so excited for these two to have each other, forever…

forever grateful that our dear friend and amazing photographer christine chitnis was able to capture the first moments when emily met her baby sister.


happy list

a collection
of the little things that have made my week

oh my-
what a month…
it’s been 
insanely busy
with work
and very hard-
mother’s day 
blindsided me
but bits of brightness
have gotten me here-
to the unofficial start of 

a little gift
of a full bunch
of the sweetest smelling bells
 photo happy-lily_zpsebbd8fa2.jpg
made a house in desperate need of a deep clean

 photo ruffle_zps0e2d6118.jpg
new designs
for a dear friend’s
 photo CM-lawn_zpsb80baa98.jpg

 photo CM-tabletop_zpsdc892daa.jpg
 photo CM-girls_zpsab902a74.jpg
 photo CM-childrensgarden_zpsc92d414c.jpg

and celebrating love

 photo CM_us_zpsfcea128d.jpg
with raspberry meringue
on top

 photo CM-tarts_zpsd3c075e7.jpg

happy list

a collection
of the little things that have made my week

guilty pleasure
 photo happy-luckycharms_zps9abac98e.jpg
because sometimes
there is just no resisting their magical deliciousness
 photo mermaidtail_zps25ac40c2.jpg
and the purr of my sewing machine
and it feels so good…
while sitting on the back steps
late one afternoon
my hearty succulents
 photo springcleaningsucculents_zps44a69d9d.jpg
finally got re-potted
this moment
 photo happy-snuggle_zps29744296.jpg
snapped by my husband-
long after i’d fallen asleep 
cuddled up to the sweet smell 
of my favorite girl

let’s be honest- it was a looong, dark winter
with looong, dark roots
which really-
was no good for anyone.
so, with a quick trip to NYC
 photo blond_zps0cab1b92.jpg
the blond is back
 photo blond2_zpse26be1e5.jpg
has me feeling
a little more



happy list

a collection
of the little things that have made my week

freshly baked cookies
 photo happy-cookies_zps80a7d678.jpg
a weekly necessity
for a hungry husband
(a kitchen sink version of granola-dark chocolate this week… YUM)
soft, sweet, silky knits
 photo happy-blocking_zps10cae9c0.jpg
set for blocking
a fresh, peaceful corner
 photo happy-pussywillow_zpsa3cca6f2.jpg
of our torn-apart home
snail mail
 photo happy-summercard_zpsffdf5f17.jpg
that says just the right thing
house guests
 photo happy-dogs_zps72459b8e.jpg
of the cutest kind

sweet surprise

i opened my door
and found a pint of local, little compton strawberries
waiting for me
my sweet mother-in-law (knowing my berry obsession)
made my day
with this juicy little gift!
i popped a few like candy
added some to our morning smoothies
and baked the remaining
 with rhubarb 
who was here over the weekend
good golly, i just can’t get over the sweet flavor
of these bursting-with-goodness beauties! 
NOTHING like the plastic-packaged varieties from the supermarket-
try and scoop some up at your local farmer’s market this week!
THANK YOU janet!!