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giving thanks

the firsts.

everyone warns you-
they are not easy
they are right.

around the dinner table

when blessings were given
for food
and then paused
to remember
those missing
and henry.
(yes, of course i had thought about how my boy should be there- sitting on my lap
or sleepy head draped over my shoulder)
and i felt
as hot tears 
welled in my eyes
all eyes
on me
thanksgiving was hard
but mostly
i was filled with the feeling of gratitude
for reid…
because, at the end of the day
we are stronger
we love harder
we hug longer
for my family…
for being here.
sometimes sad.
but happy too.
who allow both to be very okay.
for friends…
the soul mates
those who’ve become family 
in the wake of this personal tragedy
the new
friends who we might never have met
if it wasn’t for our boy
who know us so much more intimately 
than most everyone else
because of it
the lifelines
who show up in pajamas with wine and popcorn and chocolate for late night chats
who send snail-mail cards, just because
who call and keep calling and email and keep emailing even when i am way behind in returning both

last night
after an
email from 
one such friend
telling me to 
“get outside” 
“look uuuuuppppppp”
i did. 
nellie and reid and i
our little family 
in the crisp cold air
under a perfectly clear 
navy blue sky
with a moon so bright it shined down to the deepest part of your soul
and i knew
that those friends
some right here and some very far away
were looking up at that same moon
and when i came home, chilled to the bone
i sat on the floor of the shower
and let the scalding water
hit me from above like a mid-summer rain storm
and i cried
and yes-
it was sadness
but also

and when i was well-raisined
i pulled myself up
and stepped out

thanksgiving 2012

happy list

a collection
of the little things that have made my week

drive-in style. down comforters, wool hats, outdoor fire, red wine.


it’s become a thanksgiving weekend tradition.
family dynamics at their best. (note the inappropriate brother-in-law)

the final weekend

this season, after 14(!), co-workers felt much more like family.
and much harder to say goodbye to for the winter…

puppy visits

three weeks old.
and a name: NOLA

5k records

at long last.
i broke 30mins.
a personal victory… and then i was found dry-heaving in the woods.

it was wonderful.
and hard.
more, coming…

sewing class: project one

i started teaching kids sewing classes in my studio here in providence last spring. after a fall of the flu, the girls were ready and rearing to start up again earlier this month.
i wanted to do a project that required pretty basic sewing skills to get them going again, but also something that would get their creative juices flowing.
with just a two meetings before thanksgiving day, the girls pulled out some pretty unbelievable table runners (and managed to keep them a surprise from their moms!)…

i pulled a bunch of festive, fall-like fabrics from good ol’ jo-ann’s and had the girls start by sketching. they assigned each fabric a colored pencil and went to work designing their own patterns for the runner, which was put together like a quilt-top.

we made a team effort of cutting the pieces, they arranged them according to their diagrams and got busy sewing. and ironing. and sewing. and ironing. ironing. ironing…

once the top pieces all came together, they pressed it all again, sewed on a backing n their favorite fabric (the one with sparkles, of course!), turned them inside out, pressed again and stitched the bottoms closed.

the girls were THRILLED with their results, moms almost in tears, and, i have to say, i was blown away as well. they were GORGEOUS.

off to plan week three…

thanksgiving week

a hint of fall in our living room
shelves above the couch serve as my apartment “mantle”
favorite family pictures, wedding gifts and seasonal goodies, along with a little handmade love-
i am crazy for the “pumpkins” i made after seeing some of martha’s
penelope taking a late afternoon snooze…
she is high on my list of things to be thankful for this thanksgiving
love love love my little lady
happy thanksgiving!