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grey days

i know it seems odd, now that the sun is finally shining                                                                    and we are waking each day to birds chirping through open windows                                            to be talking about the grey days…

but i suppose, that’s how it happens-

sometimes, those grey days are so very dark                                                                                      that it takes all we have                                                                                                                              to get through them                                                                                                                                   and get up… and do it all again

that we don’t realize until we are on the other side

just how


they were.

my silence here over the past months

has not been for a lack of wanting to write and create                                                                       but day after dreary day                                                                                                                              i found myself

tired, lonely, sad, uninspired, scared…

it’s not pretty.  any of it.  but that it where i’ve been.                                                                  ignoring emails, dodging friend’s phone calls and canceling plans.

not a new england soul was spared of the hell that was winter 2014-15.                                     THAT is true                                                                                                                                                 and i am so very grateful for my little bird, who happily bopped around our kitchen                  day after very. long. day…

she got me up each morning with a smile and we baked, and danced and sang, yes!                 but in the moments of in-between-                                                                                                        the long grey stretches of hours spent in our stale kitchen                                                                  it was then                                                                                                                                                  that my mind wandered and worried and wondered…

i’ve been told, and read and re-read that there is no roadmap for loss and it’s aftermath         that just when you think you’ve pulled yourself together                                                                  you find yourself all unbuttoned-                                                                                                           right in the middle of the grocery store. or a stop light. or your kitchen floor.

it was on this kitchen floor, during one such breakdown, however silent i thought my tears were falling, that my little bird, dug my sneakers from our shoe bin, lugged them over and dropped them in my lap and simply said “SHOOOES, mama!”                                                                               because already, she knew- fresh air and a brisk walk- is just what we needed to snap out of a funk.

and we did it. we got through. we’re getting through…

so… i’m still here, and i hope you are too…                                                                                           because spring now very quickly, summer (!) is here…

                                                                                                                                                                     and this little bird of mine?  we’ve got dreams and hopes and sun and adventures to share…

happygirls xo thank you

red tail hawk captured by christine chitnis, just outside my studio window, december 2014


happy list

a collection
of the little things that have made my week

freshly baked cookies
 photo happy-cookies_zps80a7d678.jpg
a weekly necessity
for a hungry husband
(a kitchen sink version of granola-dark chocolate this week… YUM)
soft, sweet, silky knits
 photo happy-blocking_zps10cae9c0.jpg
set for blocking
a fresh, peaceful corner
 photo happy-pussywillow_zpsa3cca6f2.jpg
of our torn-apart home
snail mail
 photo happy-summercard_zpsffdf5f17.jpg
that says just the right thing
house guests
 photo happy-dogs_zps72459b8e.jpg
of the cutest kind

happy list: farm life

a collection
of the little things that have made my week

i spent last week in virginia…
going back
that very special
down the tree lined drive
and to it’s
felt like going

 photo happy-vabarnview_zpsd609b25d.jpg

a very welcome happy list
during a february
that has felt
than this darkest month
has ever felt before

hot tea
 photo happy-vatea_zps49469023.jpg

served with girl talk

linen sheets

 photo happy-vasheets_zpsbb1399a8.jpg
best on a freshly made bed, after yoga and a warm bath…
crumpled perfection by morning

creamy oats and fresh berries

 photo happy-vaoats_zps04a25681.jpg

wholesome goodness to start the day

slivers of sunshine

 photo happy-valight_zpsdc38d44d.jpg

 photo happy-vacat_zpsb8285d02.jpg

spring, breaking through

clawfoot tubs

 photo happy-vastill_zpsf0197fdc.jpg
because floating
seems to be the best kind of therapy
early evening walks
 photo happy-vateepee_zpsf8883b9f.jpg
 photo happy-vatp_zps3c37dae1.jpg
 photo happy-vabarn_zps13af7e0d.jpg
 photo happy-vacanoe_zps14fe125d.jpg
beauty in the ordinary
home cooking
 photo happy-vastirfry_zpsf8610f37.jpg
truly the way to a teenager’s heart

found beams + wrought iron

 photo happy-vabarndets_zps634df559.jpg
 photo happy-vashower_zpsc0065ae8.jpg

the very best of barn living

surrogate pet snuggles

 photo happy-vasammy_zps9b739ab5.jpg
(i missed my girls)

linens on the line

 photo happy-valaundry_zpse9b7222e.jpg
misson accomplished. home safe.


snowed in, well-fed

i was like a kid in a candy store
with the anticipation of the big storm that snowed us in last weekend
a friday off for my husband
made the whole thing even better
(i had house projects on the mind!)
we were well stocked and ready-
i hit the local farmer’s market the week before and loaded up on winter root vegetables and fresh baked  breads
 photo storm-beets_zps259a8061.jpg

friday morning was spent at lowes and benjamin moore
(shockingly i was the only one in the home dec isles! ha…) 

we started the long weekend off right
 photo storm-lunch_zps417edb03.jpg
grilled cheddar, butcher bacon, avocado + honey mustard
on great harvest’s high 5 fiber (now at our farmer’s market– yahoo!)

before getting down to business
i took a little “me” time
to knit and catch up with a friend
 photo babyhat1_zpsb339cce6.jpg
resulting in a super cozy
baby blizzard hat
for our newest next door neighbor

reid and i started painting at 8pm
with lights flickering
we watched the storm really pick up

by saturday morning
we woke to this

 photo storm-window_zps624ae299.jpg
snow day bliss…

complete with a warm, stick-to-your bones breakfast

 photo storm-breakfast_zps398ea24b.jpg

Cheddar scramble w/ roasted cherry tomatoes, sourdough avocado toast and (more!) butcher bacon

spent most of the day shoveling 
while I painted trim
stopping briefly 
 photo stormsoup_zpsb11d6e4c.jpg
for a bowl of
and then… 
back to the to-do list!
 photo stormmittens_zps56fee385.jpg

winter weekend by the sea

a winter weekend
spent by the sea
 with a handful of 

very dear friends

and full 
of favorite things…
 photo LC-ice_zpsb7ffcdfa.jpg
beach walks

 photo LC-walk_zps8e6f4b80.jpg
(and for a few, an icy dip, not for public view…)
 photo LC-quilt_zps1d342577.jpg
bathed in early morning sun

 photo LC-slippers_zpsc87fb21b.jpg

breakfast. perfection.

 photo LC-breakfast_zps1cd08023.jpg
not kidding.
challah french toast and “christmas” spiced bacon.

 photo LC-shoot_zps30584e83.jpg
(this is what happens when bloggers get together…)


 photo LC-emam_zpsa8d6d57a.jpg

 photo _LC-em_zps11f2969f.jpg
 photo LC-coffeestop_zps2d3c1a69.jpg
(yes, we wore pajamas to the coffee shop. it was an emergency. for real.)


 photo LC-tea_zps2118f776.jpg
over tea
girl talk…
 photo LCearlyam_zpsdcaa5a51.jpg

a few days
of just-what-i-needed
company, creating, feasting
and laughter
oh, was there ever laughter….

the perfect ending
to january
and just enough inspiration
to get february off on the right foot

M, E, A, S + B- thank. you. 


happy list, december

the end of the year got away from me…
many, many good things
a few of which deserve more than a single picture in this round-up, but it will have to do, as it’s time to move on…

a collection
of the little things that have made my week
the new pawtucket brewery, started by my high school friend and classmate is up and running. 
and it’s goood.
puppy love
these sisters have settled into their new life. 
and they love it.
watching the snowman
with little ones, during a big snowstorm
the sledding
that follows…
simple pleasures. rediscovered through a child’s eyes.
hot cocoa
with extra whipped cream. 
it’s really the best part of a snow day, right?
nestled, knitting…
remembering our boy
and the year that was his.
here’s to a happy 2013.

hats, hats, hats

while in western MA
for our crafting weekend
my sister and i 
took a field trip 
holy. smokers.
america’s largest yarn store? yes.
organized by weight. thank you.
WAREHOUSE of markdowns. like, OMG.
so, yeah…
i was inspired.
and my fingers were twitching.
i spent the evenings over that weekend trying a new hat pattern for my brother-in-law’s birthday gift
once home- monday and tuesday knitting a last minute valentine’s gift for my hubby


and a second warm and fuzzy cap to keep my newly-bald-headed uncle :( a little warmer out in CO
now, just back from our vacation and desperately missing the sea
i tried a new pattern for myself
using the most beautiful hand-dyed merino

and then there is the bag-load of other projects to queue.