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happy list

a collection
of the little things that have made my week

freshly baked cookies
 photo happy-cookies_zps80a7d678.jpg
a weekly necessity
for a hungry husband
(a kitchen sink version of granola-dark chocolate this week… YUM)
soft, sweet, silky knits
 photo happy-blocking_zps10cae9c0.jpg
set for blocking
a fresh, peaceful corner
 photo happy-pussywillow_zpsa3cca6f2.jpg
of our torn-apart home
snail mail
 photo happy-summercard_zpsffdf5f17.jpg
that says just the right thing
house guests
 photo happy-dogs_zps72459b8e.jpg
of the cutest kind

snowed in, well-fed

i was like a kid in a candy store
with the anticipation of the big storm that snowed us in last weekend
a friday off for my husband
made the whole thing even better
(i had house projects on the mind!)
we were well stocked and ready-
i hit the local farmer’s market the week before and loaded up on winter root vegetables and fresh baked  breads
 photo storm-beets_zps259a8061.jpg

friday morning was spent at lowes and benjamin moore
(shockingly i was the only one in the home dec isles! ha…) 

we started the long weekend off right
 photo storm-lunch_zps417edb03.jpg
grilled cheddar, butcher bacon, avocado + honey mustard
on great harvest’s high 5 fiber (now at our farmer’s market– yahoo!)

before getting down to business
i took a little “me” time
to knit and catch up with a friend
 photo babyhat1_zpsb339cce6.jpg
resulting in a super cozy
baby blizzard hat
for our newest next door neighbor

reid and i started painting at 8pm
with lights flickering
we watched the storm really pick up

by saturday morning
we woke to this

 photo storm-window_zps624ae299.jpg
snow day bliss…

complete with a warm, stick-to-your bones breakfast

 photo storm-breakfast_zps398ea24b.jpg

Cheddar scramble w/ roasted cherry tomatoes, sourdough avocado toast and (more!) butcher bacon

spent most of the day shoveling 
while I painted trim
stopping briefly 
 photo stormsoup_zpsb11d6e4c.jpg
for a bowl of
and then… 
back to the to-do list!
 photo stormmittens_zps56fee385.jpg

knit with love

there’s something about
knitting something
for someone else-

with each stitch
imagining the giving
and how they’ll wear it

it can be a risk, for sure
there are people (and no offense if you might be one)
who just wouldn’t get the goodness of a handmade gift-
think it too granny maybe
or just not appreciative of the hours
spent hunting down the pattern
the just-right yarn
and then the creating
and the pulling-out that comes along with it

but em
is just the person
my person
for a made-with-love gift

and this shawl
for this oh-so-special person
was perfect…

the color-

silver, but blue, but sometimes purple and slate, too
 photo shawl4_zpse756e1c8.jpg

the texture-
merino wool. not itchy. squishy

 photo shawl3_zps848eb852.jpg

the pattern-
simple. a hint of a ruffle. and a bit raw

 photo shawl2_zpsbbfc43bf.jpg

the size-
large enough to wrap. and drape. and hold onto a shoulder when thrown on
 photo shawl1_zpse218fc7c.jpg

and how she wore it?
better than i could have imagined.
for three days straight…

more on our winter weekend by the sea to come…

emily, i hope you wear it until the yarn disintegrates

bunny booties

another week slipped by
leaving me no chance to check in here-
spring cleaning, painting, yard work
a quick overnight visit with a dear friend
and yes, editing the morocco pictures
i did manage to spend a few
evening hours
cozy on the couch
finishing these adorable bunny slippers
just in time to make it into tay’s easter basket
yes, they are as cozy as they look-
she’ll adore them for sure!
i’m going to try and snap a few snippets of spring around the house tomorrow morning
before we head out to celebrate easter with family
wishing you a lovely weekend
and a happy easter
(and/or passover!)

hats, hats, hats

while in western MA
for our crafting weekend
my sister and i 
took a field trip 
holy. smokers.
america’s largest yarn store? yes.
organized by weight. thank you.
WAREHOUSE of markdowns. like, OMG.
so, yeah…
i was inspired.
and my fingers were twitching.
i spent the evenings over that weekend trying a new hat pattern for my brother-in-law’s birthday gift
once home- monday and tuesday knitting a last minute valentine’s gift for my hubby


and a second warm and fuzzy cap to keep my newly-bald-headed uncle :( a little warmer out in CO
now, just back from our vacation and desperately missing the sea
i tried a new pattern for myself
using the most beautiful hand-dyed merino

and then there is the bag-load of other projects to queue.

warm oats

has to be one of the best things about winter…
i seem to totally retire my needles come the warmer weather-
strange, because i so enjoy it- i just can’t imagine working with wool while the sun is blazing
and, that i never seem to ever just sit in the summer!
there has been PLENTY of that these days
my foot keeps me home bound, leg elevated and iced nearly all day
(i think i’m officially starting to lose it)
netflix and knitting
have been keeping me relatively sane
finishing the oatmeal sweater
my first garment (and for me!)
seems like a bit of an accomplishment
and at this point, i’ll take it!

snow day hat

being snowed in this weekend
didn’t make me feel quite so guilty
for (full)days spent laying on the couch
fire blazing, warm tea, fingers lost in merino
my parents (have i mentioned how much they ROCK!?!?)
came to town 
mum cleaned and did probably 10 loads of laundry
dad cooked and waited on me
(boy,  did we eat. like. kings.)
to keep from feeling totally useless 
i knitted daddio a thank-you-hat
now i’ve got to figure out how to sew left-footed
some mum can get some hand-made love too…
it’s really amazing how 
fur-free floors
clean countertops
and freshly folded laundry
can truly make you feel 
human, again.
m+d: lova ya. WICKED.